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  1. Canyoudigit

    Ajay Matthews - Fabrizio Romano

    His Grandad Dirk would be very proud
  2. Canyoudigit

    Brazilian woman arrested after taking corpse to sign bank loan

    Jonjo shelvey and one other ?
  3. Canyoudigit

    Any news on Yusuf yet

    Travelling to every match from London is far from ordinary to be fair.
  4. Canyoudigit

    First, Current, All Time

    David Hodgson Hayden and Rav JUNINHO
  5. Canyoudigit

    Ross Stewart - Remember him ?

    More chance of his Uncle Rod being available
  6. Canyoudigit

    ITV 4 now, Auf Weidersein Pet

    My favourite ever TV series,will never ever tire of watching it
  7. Canyoudigit


    I've actually knackered my back through coughing also,almost fell to the deck,antibiotics about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, going back to doctors for a 3rd time or hospital,b o l l o ks to this
  8. Canyoudigit

    Kieran Scott’s recruitment really coming to fruition now

    Someone mentioned earlier in the thread who could we have realistically brought in who would have improved us, every time I've seen the lad philogene from Hull I've been very impressed, I think given his Aston Villa background he could have been someone we looked to bring in,I know he went for a...
  9. Canyoudigit


    I've taken Beconaise for hay fever before,think it's sold as nasal spray and antihistamine ,thanks for all the replies.
  10. Canyoudigit

    Who's your money on for the Grand National?

    Been told to look out for a horse called Creosote, apparently it's really good over fences.
  11. Canyoudigit


    Anyone else experienced bouts of coughing that is that bad that you almost knock yourself out,it's been literally non stop for 2 weeks,been to the doctors twice and been given 2 sets of antibiotics with zero improvement. Most horrendous sore throat and chest ever,feel incredibly nauseous also...
  12. Canyoudigit

    Young boys Berne Switzerland

    Anyone know the name of their stadium
  13. Canyoudigit

    Tonight’s man of the match

    Howson and Clarke absolute warriors and top professionals, can't agree with Azaz
  14. Canyoudigit

    Sorba Thomas

    He's not Greek is he ?
  15. Canyoudigit

    Sorba Thomas

    This from a reliable source Paul ?
  16. Canyoudigit

    This is a very hard thread to write

    Give me a shout if you want a YK Chows bringing down Viv
  17. Canyoudigit

    Hull Match Tonight

    Tigers tamed by terrific teessiders even more tremendous
  18. Canyoudigit

    Hull Match Tonight

    Tigers tamed got a much better ring to it
  19. Canyoudigit

    David Hodgson - Under the Cosh

    He did yes and explained why he was called that when it wasn't even his real name
  20. Canyoudigit

    87-88 Div 2 Teams and Players

    I personally don't think Bernie is given the credit he deserves for his exploits,without his 147 goals the whole history of our club looks very different.