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  1. snowman1962a

    United v L’Pool

    I personally see him as everything that is wrong with Man U. He is the first player I would get rid of if I was them. They will never be the same team as they were with players like him in their team. Can't believe he is their captain.
  2. snowman1962a

    OFFICIAL: It’s back on

    I don't get this defeatist attitude. Yes it is very unlikely we could slip into the playoffs but until that chance has gone there is always a chance. If I lived my life with that attitude i'd be nowhere. Its like Leicester they had no chance winning the premier league but they did. Come on...
  3. snowman1962a

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Southampton [03/24] Match-Day Thread *

    Is there any need for a comment like this?
  4. snowman1962a

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Southampton [03/24] Match-Day Thread *

    But a lot of those players you refer to are only on the pitch today due to our injures.
  5. snowman1962a

    Some unpleasant posting on here of late

    It was. It was way better when it was just Tim's email group when we would gather around MIRC when we played. I guess I are now one of the so called "angry, bitter auld men with high blood pressure". Which I may add I am the furthest away from that generalization. I would say a lot of people...
  6. snowman1962a

    New Music 2024

    Interesting. Have to give this one another listen
  7. snowman1962a

    John McGinn tackle

    A proper tackle from the 70's. Norman Hunter style.
  8. snowman1962a

    Five things that Irritate me about modern day football....

    VAR Diving Substitutions (except injuries) in added on time Playing around in the corner to time waste near the end of a game Woman commentators (I know controversial but they do my head in)
  9. snowman1962a

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v QPR [03/24] Match-Day Thread *

    If we had Hackney, Jones (who I am sure will play a bit of the game mid week) and Coburn back then perhaps. There is always chance until the lady stops singing. This is the championship afterall. We would have to win most of our remaining games.
  10. snowman1962a

    Norwich's Sainz has red card overturned

    Personally I think the game is way better without VAR. Decisions usually even out over a season.
  11. snowman1962a

    Marijuana - legalise it?

    What a load of b***ks! That is like saying that drinking beer is a gateway drink to alcoholism. People that have drug problems is not because they started smoking weed just like people are not alcoholics because they started drinking beer. There are many other reasons why this happens and...
  12. snowman1962a

    What relegation battle??

    Another Soothsayer on this board.
  13. snowman1962a

    Kate, Princess of Wales - not seen this year.

    Scrote not all people think the way you do. There is nothing wrong with having a different opinion. From what I see in the news and read in papers she genuinely has a good heart and many people look up to her. She genuinely looks likes she has a positive effect on many people from what i see...
  14. snowman1962a

    Kate, Princess of Wales - not seen this year.

    If you are to quote me please quote the whole thing not cut and paste what suits your narrative. I said "and for some an inspiration" I stand by that comment as you can clearly see a lot of people out there do and generally are concerned about her health and she is an inspiration for many. If...
  15. snowman1962a

    Kate, Princess of Wales - not seen this year.

    That may be the case but its this general attitude a certain percentage of society has these days. Is there any reason to say anything. Knowing that there are many people who share his view and will jump all over it with other similar comments is the real reason he said what he said. I was...
  16. snowman1962a


    I find football today hard to watch. Every team tries to play the same. Its boring. I watched the Chelsea Leeds F.A Cup game from the 70's the other day. Now that was football. No fannies playing the game in those days. The days when men where men.
  17. snowman1962a

    Kate, Princess of Wales - not seen this year.

    I care for all people. What a sad comment. This forum is starting to be like twitter with some of the comments. She is a mother of 3 children, a daughter, a sister and for some an inspiration. It just shows you up as a vile individual with zero passion for mankind. Tim will be turning in...
  18. snowman1962a

    The Matt Crooks fee

    You should tell that to Kevin De Bruyne who is 32 :)
  19. snowman1962a

    Club is on its ****

    Jones got attacked by Hugill. That to me is the pivotal moment of our season.
  20. snowman1962a

    Donald Trump - another irrelevance if he becomes president

    Not sure about that statement.