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  1. HarryVegas

    So it's hair is beginning to depart 😭😭😭

    You're doing brilliant Legz. All this will pass x
  2. HarryVegas

    Back Home yesterday

    Brilliant news, sadgit. Seems like the right decision to me. Hope things continue to improve. KBO!
  3. HarryVegas

    The weekend beer and music thread

    Taking my own bottles to tonight's session so will be on the same as Wee Gord. And we'll have a bit of prime Dame David to kick off with ...
  4. HarryVegas

    Ade on Rik

    This work? I can still see the other one ...
  5. HarryVegas

    Ade on Rik

    Part of a Bottom doc that went out last night. Missed it myself but this is very moving ...
  6. HarryVegas

    The song that makes you get up and dance

    Anyone who wouldn't dance to this is dead inside ...
  7. HarryVegas

    Best/Worst abusive songs sung at opposition players

    I remember back sometime in the 80s when we played Man U at home. Bryan Robson, then their captain, had been outed by the papers for being drunk at some nightclub and wandering round exposing himself. Cue Ayresome Park ringing to "Robson, Robson, show us yer c0ck ..."
  8. HarryVegas

    Very memorable bass lines

    In his defence he also played on Bowie's Rebel Rebel and the Diamond Dogs album.
  9. HarryVegas

    Very memorable bass lines

    Yes, Herbie also played on Clive Dunn's 'Grandad'.
  10. HarryVegas

    Very memorable bass lines

    Beatles - Come Together
  11. HarryVegas

    Songs with dates in them

  12. HarryVegas

    Very memorable bass lines

    Lou Reed - Walk on the wild side
  13. HarryVegas

    The most bizarre phone call.

    In the 1980s I ended up managing a factory in my mid 20s - far too young in retrospect - and got a panicked call from the security man late one Saturday night, saying he'd just had a call from a man with a Northern Irish accent saying there was a bomb somewhere in the place. I went down there...
  14. HarryVegas

    The most bizarre phone call.

    You are Alan Partridge and I claim my £5.
  15. HarryVegas

    Daily Mail

    Mirror, mirror on the wall ...
  16. HarryVegas


    Just keep going and keep reaching out mate.
  17. HarryVegas

    Daily Mail

    Hey don't knock what ye haven't tried yet.
  18. HarryVegas

    Daily Mail

    No offence intended to the OP but if I had to wipe my asre on the Mail I'd buy a bidet instead.
  19. HarryVegas


    Ready the incantations Bring the pricking tests Strip her down To skin and bone We're going a-witch hunting Dowse the evil spirit Drown her impure tones Master and tame Besmirch and blame We're going a-witch hunting We'll don protective gowns Adjust our pointy hats Lean on our brooms...
  20. HarryVegas

    The Ang Rayner Protest in Yarm

    Cold War Steve on the money, as ever. The shamelessness of them ...