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    Watmore scores for Millwall!

    Keeping them up 👍
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    City vs Chelsea - FA Cup Semi Final

    Pep ranting about fixtures. He's got a point. How the feck is City v Chelsea tonight after City played in the champions league mid week. Yet UTD v Coventry is tomorrow? That's nothing but TV revenue numbers. UTD V Cov should have been tonight's game.
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    Watmore scores for Millwall!

    That a negative? 😂 Jokes aside. In the months we've not had a CF and plodded on with Silvera and Greenwood. He'd have been a far better option. If nothing else works his socks off with probably similar finishing ability. Again it's pretty irrelevant. The move and contract were far better for...
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    City vs Chelsea - FA Cup Semi Final

    Hardly a classic. Yet very much in the balance. I doubt Chelsea will ever have a better chance than today. These are the same clubs who have got rid of replays. So f*ck them all. I'm fully Coventry this weekend 😂
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    Watmore scores for Millwall!

    Terrific result. I fully understand why we let Watmore go. More so the 2 year deal was better for his family and the security it brings. Yet... I'd rather have had him ahead of Silvera or Greenwood anyday. I imagine we've paid more/similar in loan fees and wages to Greenwood compered to what...
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    Who's coming down from the Prem?

    I've wanted Everton relegated for the past 2-3 years. They have been awful. Yet somehow keep surviving. This year they have a significant points reduction. Yet will almost certainly still survive. This has been a genuinely poor prem. You'd argue that only one relegation place has been available...
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    Championship Saturday

    Watmore scores against Sunderland 👌 I still love him. He would have offered so much more than Silvera or Greenwood. Yet understand why he left. I hope he celebrated. They sacked him off after his injuries.
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    Crysencio Summerville - Leeds

    Rutter is decent. Although should be at what he cost. He's clearly not a CF. I'd say 'as above' more a 10. Yet gets into the championship team of the year up top ahead of Armstrong. Ridiculous. Ironically Armstrong is the exact type of CF Leeds are missing. A prolific finisher.
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    Championship Saturday

    Scum winning 👍 Sorry I don't think they are scum. Just living near Portsmouth the lads I work with call them that lol. That Easter weekend against Boro and Ipswich could make such difference with those late goals.
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    Ade on Rik

    I've watched the preview on YouTube. Ade struggling and failing to keep it together. Mates for years. So not just losing a comedy partner but clearly a best mate. So sad 😭
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    Championship Saturday

    2-0....nightmare for the dirties👌 Hopefully put another nail in the coffin on Monday night. It's becoming a must win for them.
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    Emi Martinez

    A terrific keeper. I'd argue one of the best in the prem in terms of actual shot stopping. Thats in a world where everyone seems to care more about how good they are at playing out from the back. That save against Arsenal last week was as good as I've seen. Crackers when you consider the two...
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    No Ayling and Greenwood v dirties so what do we go with

    I'd be surprised if Ayling didn't turn up on the sky studio. He will be a big miss. Greenwood not as much. I'd expect Silvera to start. Although I'd like to see Finch get some mins at some point. I'm not sure if he's a 'wide in a 3' type CF or an actual No9??
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    Jones - new 3 year contract

    Fantastic news 👌 We are a far better side with him in it. He gives us something not many at the club can. Yes he can be frustrating with his final ball or finishing. Yet if he wasn't he'd be signing for someone else. He's a very good championship player who cost us 'buttons' to sign. He's...
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    Southampton fully back in the automatic promotion race.

    Probably just shows what a good point it was against them. To be fair they should have been out of sight before our 90th min equaliser. That result could eventually proper put a spanner in the works with regards to automatic. Hopefully we can help them out by beating the dirties👍
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    I'd like to see him feature in the final 3 games. I'd definitely bring him on ahead of Silvera. Also may sway him in to signing a new deal. Also Greenwood is out against Leeds (more pressing Ayling). Carrick seems to rave about Finch. So give him a few more mins as realistically nothing to...
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    Magazines You Miss

    I was definitely going full Razzle and Escort. I loved the 'council porn' 😂 Jokes aside I loved Max Power. I always liked looking at seriously modified cars. I now use YouTube to get my fix. I'm still a full on petrol head. Also back in the day as a 'clubber' used to buy Mix Mag to see where...
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    Championship team of the season

    No Armstrong is ridiculous. The best Finisher in the champo by a mile. He'd walk into that Leeds team (definitely ahead of Bamford).
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    Liverpool and Klopp beaten

    Great news. I don't particularly like any of the so called 'big 6' (used loosely). They have fanbases that cry about only spending 'fecking' hoo. I really hope this puts pay to some of the medias frankly sicking sp*nk fest over Klopps final swansong 🤮
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    What do you think Sammy Szmodics transfer fee will be.

    He's this year's Waghorn / woodrow/ Juke at brum or even our own Akpom. Every season the champo throws up a player who has a once in a lifetime season. He's turning 29 and his numbers have never suggested he'd score this many goals. It looks amazing business by Blackburn. Yet I think I read...