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  1. alanmoodysdog

    Lucy Verasamy

    some mexican lady usually gets a mention....Yanet Garcia
  2. alanmoodysdog

    Micky Fenton was born this day 1913

    sat next to his brother at the last game at Ayresome.....
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    Who's retired on here, do you enjoy it

    i retired 53 and had 6 months doing not much at all, after working since 17 non stop it was unbearable so turned my hobby into a shop and ran it my self.... record shop.... technically I wasnt retired but seemed like it from my previous posts as Operations Director for 5 UK manufacturing...
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    iFollow Issues

    Again no issues with the quality this year and last ... my beef is with Boro not EFL....
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    Hamer for Coventry...

    Hamar sandwich
  6. alanmoodysdog

    Dael Fry

    Sometimes harsh to pit current players against past heroes but its fun.... Dael Fry is the new Stuey Boam, Boam knew his strenghs and honed them well , solid, good positioning, never bullied and key word STOPPER. When pace is a non entity positioning is key... I believe NW and his team are...
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    There is a footballer 100%, needs to push on for sure - lets judge after half a season
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    Dael Fry

    massive turn araound, love to know what has sparked the change in form, NW? or maybe lack of confidence playing with the previous management shower...
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    Alex Thompson - Boro

    Got a swift and comprehesive email back today from Alex. The club have made a financial decision in the past not to stream to non EFL partners as there would be a fee to pay. However this season they are streaming every game to season card holders and are paying a fee anyway so there is a...
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    Van McCoy's 'The Hustle'

  11. alanmoodysdog

    Van McCoy's 'The Hustle'

    yeah... renault 5 so we think?
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    agree with walking city, apart from all the above... fancied a haircut so popped into a small barber on the corner of a quiet street... saw loads pics of Julia Roberts on the walls and looking more closely it was a film set in his barbers, Asked about it and said he was in the movie cutting hair...
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    Frank Bough RIP

    my dad knew him at ICI ... didnt he work in the offices at Billog
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    Van McCoy's 'The Hustle'

    Leaving the ground music.... guess it will be one of lifes mysteries, bernard cant remember, tried loads of times on here to locate it , even a fan whistled it on you tube... still no definitive answer, nearest I think is the Shuffle.... could do with a TV recording of them leaving the pitch in...
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    Who's retired on here, do you enjoy it

    Retired at 56 .... got bored so opened a record shop, sold it 4 years later and now living in Thailand, Low cost of living and having a house paid for means the pound I get each month goes a long way.... Got a house on a footie field plot so keeping busing pottering on the homestead... Worked...
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    So which username is the real Neil Warnock using/going to use?

    Not me, doubt he has heard of Alan Moody !! Its a bite lets see who answers
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    Ok result ok performance

    watched the match on the Cardiff official stream because Boro wouldnt show it in my country ( thats another thread) and the commenyry rubbished us all the way through the game, how much better cardiff was.... Steve Morrisson was the ex-player pundit and didnt give us the lickings of a dog, said...
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    Conspiracy theorists

    loved the Paul McCartney story about how he died and was replaced secretly... utter tosh but still loads vids on Youtube
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    Kieffer Moore

    Though Fry did very well against him today...
  20. alanmoodysdog

    Alex Thompson - Boro

    Gonna have a rant ..... Got a lovely email from Alex Thompson ( Data & Insight Exec) from the Boro "I hope you are well and keeping safe. I just wanted to send you an email as I can see you have purchased an overseas video pass for the game today against Cardiff City. Unfortunately the game...