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    What's your batting average ?

    Looking at my profile, it appears I've made 966 posts and have 966 likes, so a 1 for 1 average.
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    Steph McGovern and "no go zones" in Middlesbrough

    Apologies for the link to the Daily Heil, but interesting what Steph McGovern had to say about the town and how people made assumptions about her because of where she came from and her accent. One thing that got me wondering though, is this claim that her Mam and Dad lived in the middle of this...
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    Gunnersaurus sacked ! Anyone know if Roary's job is safe, or has he been let go too ? In all seriousness it's rather insensitive that the week they spend £45 million on a player they make cuts like this....
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    Best use of music in a film

    Watching Zodiac the other night, and the bit where he shoots the two people in the car was really elevated by the use of Hurdy-Gurdy Man (couldn't work out whether it was the Butthole Surfers or Donovan version). Any others where the use of music really sets the scene / drives the film along.
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    Danby House for sale

    Danby House (the house at the bottom of Trimdon Avenue) is for sale, but needs a decent amount of work doing to it. If I didn't have to go to work I'd love to buy it and do it up, as I'd love to own a piece of Middlesbrough's...
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    "One trick pony" bands

    What bands have made their entire career on just the one song, which they rehash over and over ? I'm listening to Tom Tom Club's - Genuis of Live LP (Record store day release) and with the title, the two versions of Genius of Love on the LP and the couple of riffs from the song that they also...
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    Morsy confirmed

    MFC just posted on Twitter a welcome video
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    Sports Personality Of The Year

    The other poster reminded me (and not having a go at anyone), but why do people assume that this award is some sort of pinnacle of sporting achievements and not just a glorified X factor popularity contest? You see when someone wins a major achievement in their sporting field, say Wiggins...
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    The decline in local news reporting

    I know this board is particularly critical of what passes for reporting in the Gazette these days, and rightly so. However I think this article in HertsLive (I assume the equivalent of GazetteLive) is as bad as anything Vickers and his gang have come up with. Talks about celebrities and...
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    Ayala to Nantwich

    Yep, not a typo for Norwich (however he's just training with them, not signing).
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    What bike do you ride?

    As per the cycling threads on here - what bike / bikes do you ride ?
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    FMTTM Jazz Club

    Looks like on the 6Music thread there's a few of us into jazz, so spinning off a separate thread for recommendations. My current listens, none of which are particularly challenging or experimental :- 1) Martin Freeman & Eddie Pillar present Jazz on the corner 2 (Compilation from Acid Jazz...
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    If you can't get your hands on Bonestorm....

    ...then you can at least get this instead.
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    What's the daftest thing you've bought drunk

    My mate and I were on a lads weekend in Denver a couple of years ago, and after a few drinks decided to go record shopping. I bought about 20 or so records, including a Sugarcubes LP (Bjork's previous band). Got them home and a couple of days later went to play it, only then did I realise I'd...
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    US Warplane crash just off Middlesbrough - Breaking news Sorry for the link to the fascist rag
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    Lennie Lawrence joins Boro

    ...Stevenage Borough that is - new Managerial Consultant.
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    David Squires nails it again

    The man is absolutely brilliant week in week out... It also has a Boro reference this week too.
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    Anyone have the K-League on their Sky Sports package ?

    I imagine there will be a lot of interest in this, simply due to the lack of any other sport....
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    Georgia suspends need for teens to take a driving test....

    ...due to COVID 19. Effectively 15 year olds can get behind wheel with only 40 hours of driving experience....
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    Cultural appropriation from Jamie Oliver... have I never seen this before ? What's the betting he blacked up when he did it too ?