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  1. Fat_Dragon

    Sports Personality of the Year

    I think Tao Geoghegan Hart should win it after his triumph at the Giro d'Italia. He was supposed to be there just to support Geraint Thomas but after Geraint crashed out he had to step up to the plate and was a phenomenal achievement.
  2. Fat_Dragon

    Best defenders

    Ashley Cole - Best left back ever Virgil Van Dijk - Best centre back ever Curtis Fleming - Best right back ever
  3. Fat_Dragon

    Snow Centre

    So its not been scrapped yet. Talks are still ongoing
  4. Fat_Dragon

    Snow Centre

    Is it snow centres full stop that you say wont be a success or is it just that it wont be a success in Middlesbrough? I think there is around 6 snow centers around the UK and they are all doing well.
  5. Fat_Dragon

    Snow Centre

    Indeed, noting on social media stating it has been scrapped
  6. Fat_Dragon

    Snow Centre

    I thought the council had already approved the plans back in April and it was set to open in 2022?
  7. Fat_Dragon

    Boro 2 - 0 Coventry Highlights

    UTB Boro 2 - 0 Coventry
  8. Fat_Dragon

    Cardiff 1 - 1 Boro Highlights

    Looking at the highlights I’m more than happy with a point. We were on the back foot after we took the lead and could so easily have came away empty handed so a good point for us.
  9. Fat_Dragon

    Cardiff 1 - 1 Boro Highlights

    Cardiff 1 - 1 Middlesbrough Once on webpage scroll down halfway
  10. Fat_Dragon


    Subs M Johnson M Browne N Wood-Gordon P Roberts D Spence D Stojanovic H Coulson
  11. Fat_Dragon

    If you had to the chance to pick a trade to retrain in...

    Cyber Security There is going to be a HUGE demand in this field as everything goes digital and online. They are paid very handsomely as well.
  12. Fat_Dragon

    England game

    Football is a business now unfortunately
  13. Fat_Dragon

    One film you watch over and over....

    Another one for Back to the Future
  14. Fat_Dragon

    Your favourite Black & White Film

    Laurel & Hardy 'The Music Box' 1932
  15. Fat_Dragon

    Who was our best Keeper?

    Mark Crossley, 9 clean sheets in 16 games (y)
  16. Fat_Dragon

    Over 1,600 Students Test Positive for Coronavirus in Newcastle Over Past 7 Days

    Scary figures. This is students testing positive at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities. There is roughly 25,000 students enrolled at both universities so with 50,000 students in one city this comes as no surprise. Both universities have now decided to revert to online teaching...
  17. Fat_Dragon

    EU companies warned of 700,000 job losses in no-deal Brexit

    1. Yes you can. All ministers are advised. Chief Scientific Advisors for example. You don't think the likes of Boris and his cabinet come up with all their ideas do you? 2. Ive no idea what you mean by that statement 3. My post says "up to" a million. That was just one article i picked from a...
  18. Fat_Dragon

    EU companies warned of 700,000 job losses in no-deal Brexit

    1. Politicians are advised by economic so-called experts 2. I never mentioned politicians in this statement 3.
  19. Fat_Dragon

    EU companies warned of 700,000 job losses in no-deal Brexit

    Don't you just love so-called economic experts? Remember when influential politicians said if we didn't join the Euro in 1999 it would be disastrous for the country? Remember when the Minimum Wage came in, economists said the extra financial burden on companies would cost thousands of jobs...
  20. Fat_Dragon

    Cineworld closing all its us, uk and Ireland cinemas

    So will Showcase Cinemas be closing their cinemas in the coming days/weeks as Cineworld said that the industry is now "unviable"?