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  1. SmallTown

    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    Message ends
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    Going to a sporting event this weekend!

    Wow, I honestly didn’t think it’d happen this quickly but I’ve just won the ballot for tickets for Harlequins v Bath. I’m looking forward to it but also really nervous
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    Leaving England

    Given the poor Covid response killing people and the upcoming brexit depression likely to cause misery, job losses and a downgrading of society, has anyone considered leaving England? If so where would you plan to go? Me, I REALLY want too go to Singapore. I absolutely love the place and the...
  4. SmallTown

    Formula Maxedes

    There seems to be a pattern emerging in the formula 1 world, Max and the Mercs ahead of everyone by a long way in the last three races. Odd how much Vettel has fallen, has best race of the season by some year, yet on the last lap he’s holding up 5 different cars!
  5. SmallTown

    Time for a second lockdown?

    With cases rising and now over a thousand a day. Clearly the current measures aren't controlling the virus, the spread is getting worse. How do we slow it down?
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    First time in the gym...

    ... since March. mom actually loving the clean equipment protocols that are in place. I hope gyms adopt these permanently outside of pandemic times. Nice to have all equipment spotless and disinfected, not just wiped down with a towel!
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    70th anniversary Grand Prix

    Does anyone know why each Grand Prix has to have a specific name? Why we had the styrian Grand Prix after the Austrian? Why not just the second British Grand Prix? I wonder what they will do in Italy? Given they have three grands prix this year. I guess Imola will still be the San Marino Grand...
  8. SmallTown

    Any shipping expert on here

    Wondering if the Belgium quarantine rules will affect goods being shipped from Belgium to the UK? The reason I ask is my new car is currently in the Atlantic , heading towards zeebrugge. It docks there to unload before coming back to Southampton To unload the rhd cars. I hope they can still...
  9. SmallTown

    Crowd noise

    I never knew it was actually piped into the stadium. But I can hear it loud and clear tonight. It’s actually really loud. Drifting across the whole of Brentford. I actually thought they may be playing at the new stadium over the road from me it’s so loud
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    Unusual cars you like

    For the petrol heads on here are there any cars you like that other petrol heads go "huh?" at? For me it's the Vauxhall Adam. In my lifetime Vauxhall have made exactly 2 cars that petrol heads can like: the VX220 turbo and the Monaro/VRX yet I really love the Adam. it's a quirky little city car...
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    The San Marino Grand Prix is back!

    Imola just been added to the calendar!! Excellent! along with Portimao and the lesser Nurburgring. Good tracks to bring back. Now all we need is Sepang to come back.
  12. SmallTown

    Not a single mask...

    ...worn today in a Sainsbury's. Apart from my own of course. This is depressing. I hope there aren't too many idiots who kick off when it becomes the law in two days. I do wonder why some people just aren't getting it.
  13. SmallTown

    David Cameron

    Will be finishing his first five years in office this week. Providing he doesn’t screw up any big issue...
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    Face masks

    Ever so slowly and painfully the common sense of using face masks to help dissipate the spread of the virus seems to be gaining traction. It's still nowhere NEAR what it should be, I reckon about 40 percent of the people I have seen inside have been wearing them but it's a start. I think we...
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    Styrian GP (Austrian GP pt ii)

    Talk of qualifying being abandoned today. The f3 race is currently suspended due to rain. If that happens , and there are too many support races to do Sunday qualy unlike they did in japan last year, they will use the free practice 2 times to decide the grid. That'll mix things up a bit...
  16. SmallTown

    Anyone on here have an Electric car?

    Just ordered one last week. If the stories of Tesla's woefully inaccurate supply chain are true, I'll either get it tomorrow or in 2021! Just wondered if anyone had one, I seem to recall someone did. Any tips? Charging tips? Anything different we need to do that we wouldn't do in an ICE car?
  17. SmallTown

    4th July

    Why open pubs and restaurants on a Saturday? When they are likely to be overwhelmed, putting a strain on our hospitals and police forces as drunken violence will surely follow? Why not open on a Monday, when less people are likely to visit and give establishments a week to settle before they go...
  18. SmallTown

    Banana republic UK

    This is totally appalling. Not only did the Tories vote against testing NHS staff, the unanimously voted an amendment to the bill to give themselves false praise and put it on the record they have handled the criss well when the reality is the exact opposite. I don't know where to begin with...
  19. SmallTown

    Time to make facemasks mandatory everywhere public?

    Talking to people form around the country and it appears down here in London we are better at wearing facemasks than anywhere else. The majority of people still don't wear them though which is terrible. It's time to make them mandatory in public areas, at least enclosed ones or ones where...
  20. SmallTown

    Yet another "benefit" of brexit Well done Brexiteers. Thanks for turning our economy into that of the third world.