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  1. BaronSmoggie

    Well, my weekend is ruined (racism)

    So, as part of my job, I have to evaluate software and services used by my company around the world. We had a request last week about integrating a Chinese software product with our cloud authentication platform. I pushed back saying we needed a whole load more information about data retention...
  2. BaronSmoggie

    Captain Picard joins football management

    FC Cincinnati sent out a tweet earlier welcoming their new manager Jaap Stam
  3. BaronSmoggie

    The ruination of my marriage. Or how I delved back into Football Manager 2020.

    After 5 years away, during which time I discovered I really missed it, I've taken the plunge and jumped back into the world of football management. Not since the heady days of taking such players as Tonton Zola Moukoko, Andriy Sigporsson and Mark Kerr from relative obscurity to Champions League...
  4. BaronSmoggie

    BBC story on Adama Traore

    Nice story on the BBC website about Speedy Gonzales. Adama's Story