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    Health and Wellbeing

    In all walks of life mental health is a huge problem and is devastating to families all over. Those in need of help often stay silent about the issues that trouble them every minute of every day. Rail Wellbeing have launched an event to tackle these issues. I know it`s specifically targeted...
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    The Stand (2020)

    A new 9 part series is to be released on December 17th on CBS All Access. Thought the book was amazing. Trailer here - The 1994 4 Part Series here - The Stand (1994)
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    Short films

    Put my off clean shaving for life
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    PS5 Showcase

    Happening in 15mins on youtube if anyone is interested.
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    Harrogate Town....

    Off to an absolute flier 4 nil away at Southend
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    Most recent Rickroll experience?

    Yesterday James Veitch website via the "Watch" link in the top left corner on his website.....the little git