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  1. go-nads!

    Snow Centre

    Doesn’t look like it’s going ahead. Apparently it doesn’t stack up financially for the developers. such a shame but seemed inevitable from the very beginning.
  2. go-nads!

    Viz nails it...

  3. go-nads!

    Kids football

    So my little boy is 6, I haven’t pushed him into football thinking too many parents do and it just isn’t right. He has started to show an interest since starting school and we started to play more over the summer. My local none legal side advertised they were setting up coaching to get an...
  4. go-nads!

    Blast furnace and coke ovens to go Looks like the site clearance is picking up pace. Anyone planning on contributing to the tours/legacy?
  5. go-nads!

    De Roon

    On the way to a CL semi-final?
  6. go-nads!


    Sounds like one over Marske, jets all over the place.
  7. go-nads!


    The latest press briefing is an absolute car crash. Hopefully the American public will start to realise they have elected a dangerous, narcissistic psychopath. His lack of empathy towards those who have lost their life was alarming. The only time he showed any interest was when talking about...
  8. go-nads!

    Flights into the UK

    Out of interest I had a look at flights arriving into Heathrow. WTF is the point of putting the country into lock down whilst still allowing flights into the country from all corners of the globe, including numerous planes from New York which appears to be in the verge of a catastrophic loss of...
  9. go-nads!

    What are we reading?

    I had an appointment at the hospital this morning and due to lack of staff was sat around most of the day so picked a book up in Smiths. The five - the untold lives of the women killed by Jack the Ripper. Really good book setting the social background to the rippers victims.
  10. go-nads!

    Personnel Protection Clothing

    Once we get out the other side of this, I hope we look at how this could have been avoided. We should all be issued with protective clothing - the paper suits, masks, gloves and hats. We should all be trained how to wear it properly and how to dispose of cleanly. Every household should be...
  11. go-nads!

    Website design

    I need a business website. Be a main page with four or five sub pages setting out the services I will be providing. Need a logo designing, the domain name I want is available. Can any one recommend a good local designer and likely cost? Cheers