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    Sub forums

    But as this site takes you to recent posts, you wouldn't have to scroll through hundreds. Plus, on a thread like the "music" thread, there's a ready archive of stuff to explore in dull moments.
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    I'm a sucker for those girl group harmonies.
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    Feedback on new site thread

    I would agree regarding the alerts. Hopefully people find that they can turn them all off in Preferences. I posted a thread yesterday to that effect. I don't know whether or not the default preferences can be changed for everyone.
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    Didn't they all get hacked to death?

    Didn't they all get hacked to death?
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    First Post

    I think that the swear filter will be activated and tuned soon enough. Enjoy your potty mouth freedom for now. :giggle:
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    FMTTM Charity Football Match Photos

    Yes mate.
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    I haven't found the jar yet.
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    I’m banned from the other site....

    You shouldn't be. Unless the developer has removed you from the database to prevent duplication
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    Turkish penalty

    Love the Turks. Mad fuckers.
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    Sub forums

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    Sadly, I didn't meet her but did have to meet BT (stands for Bit of a Twat). So your notions of Tori may remain untainted. I seriously hadn't watched that video for over 20 years and had forgotten about it until I saw the trampoline shots. So thank you. I didn't like what I had done with the...
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    That's old hat. Thanks for reminding me that I made this in 1995.
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    Sub forums

    I understand the sub forum thing ... I use a few forums which have many. But I have always liked the broad church of fmttm... stumbling across stuff that you wouldn't if they were in a sub-forum. Thing is, I'm the sort of person .... and it isn't age, it's more personality type ... that prefers...
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    I actually know, and used to play in a band with one of these.
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    Our first bit of savage trolling.
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    Match Day thread vs Brum?

    Good plan. I suspect it will be ok. Everything seems lighning fast so far ... albeit with a tiny database etc.
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    FMTTM Charity Football Match Photos

    Are any of you on these pics? Just happened upon this link. At least one is sadly no longer with us.
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    Welcome BoroFur
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    It's ours .... cue Richard Hawley.