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  1. Nero

    Oil Tanker Hijacking?

    ISPS protocol probably initiated the SBS given the ship is an oil tanker. I would imagine Ship Security were attempting to pacify them before it got out of hand.
  2. Nero

    Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton

    Hamilton is absolutely outstanding and fully deserves both record titles and wins. It's not just the race weekend either. He must put the time in the factory and he's clearly in top physical condition too. Anyone who has driven a kart on a track so know it's physically demanding.
  3. Nero

    Patrick Bamford

    He's a quality player and most Boro fans know that. Very versatile and a brilliant finisher. He's clearly thriving with a Coach who believes in him and can see how good he is.
  4. Nero

    Marcus Rashford on twitter

    Since 2010 the Conservatives have implemented massive ideological cuts to Local Authorities. It's disgraceful how LA's have to step in without any assistance from Government. Ironically, it does show that LA's should be more actively informed in more issues. Central decision making is flawed.
  5. Nero

    Harry Kane

    He's a top class player. Absolutely brilliant finisher with either foot or head and his passing has always been brilliant. He could easily do a job for the likes of Real Madrid.
  6. Nero

    Seen the news last night & Pickfords outrageous tackle

    It was a disgraceful tackle from Pickford and definitely deserved red. As for the ruled out goal. VAR must have the evidence regardless of how tight it was. As brilliant as Liverpool are they had a few things go for them last season. Those are not happening at the moment.
  7. Nero

    Support for Scottish Independence hits 58%

    **** loads of English? Have you actually spent any time in Aberdeenshire? There's loads of English in the whole area.
  8. Nero

    Support for Scottish Independence hits 58%

    Go further North and you will find quite a few who want out.
  9. Nero

    Well There We Have It, The Easy 'Oven Ready Deal' that Never Was...

    The ironic thing about Cooper claiming his vot was for his daughter, is that she would have voted remain if she was old enough in 2016. It's exactly the main disgrace that 16 year olds weren't allowed to vote. The vast majority would have voted remain and now at 20 have no say at all.
  10. Nero

    Support for Scottish Independence hits 58%

    How many Scots do you know? There's plenty I know personally who wanted and still want out of the EU.
  11. Nero

    Support for Scottish Independence hits 58%

    The EU referendum was a UK wide vote unfortunately for the Scots. Northern Ireland and Gibraltar also didn't want to leave but haven't kicked up a fuss. The EU things is a convenient tool for the SNP. Besides, I use to work with loads of Scottish and a fair few of them voted leave. There was...
  12. Nero

    Support for Scottish Independence hits 58%

    Scotland effectively has independence already. The SNP manages to blame London for their failures. Everything accept defence and the treasury is ran and organised in Edinburgh.
  13. Nero

    Well There We Have It, The Easy 'Oven Ready Deal' that Never Was...

    I've almost gone beyond caring now. The whole debacle really does exasperate me. It was frustrating that people couldn't see through Johnson's lies during the referendum and even worse the charlatan has gone on to become PM. The Tories have hammered the country since 2010 and still people vote...
  14. Nero

    England v Belgium a real test for southgates England

    England deserve credit for a much improved second half. At one point there was potential for a real lesson from Belgium. Any win against one of the best is welcome so hopefully the players take confidence from it.
  15. Nero

    Premier league proposes reducing number of clubs 20 to 18 and scrapping the league cup

    Purely opportunistic from the so called big six. It's right that the PL billions should be shared with the EFL but it stinks that they're attempting to do away with relegation and limit decision making to a handful of clubs.
  16. Nero

    England v Belgium a real test for southgates England

    Looks like the World Cup formation again. It's strange how England have loads of options at right back, yet only two for left back.
  17. Nero

    Alll Blacks v Australia (Bledisloe Cup)

    There's a good article in the Observer today about Saracens and what Exeter really think of their salary cap cheating.
  18. Nero

    Alll Blacks v Australia (Bledisloe Cup)

    I watched both Premiership Semi-Finals mind. Should be a good game between Exeter and Wasps in two weeks. Hopefully Exeter win this Saturday first.
  19. Nero

    Alll Blacks v Australia (Bledisloe Cup)

    I didn't even realise they were playing as I would have watched. Rugby union needs a strong Australia so it's good for the game they're playing well.