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    Sean Cooney and The Young Uns

    The Young Uns songwriter is featured on "Art of Now" on Radio 4 tomorrow morning. Sounds interesting.
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    Today I'm 55

    And diabetic. I've taken big hit of insulin to accommodate doing nothing but listening to "The Wall" and "Angels With Dirty Faces" accompanied by lots of tea and chocolate biscuits. Now that's a happy birthday.
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    FAO Goalscrounger

    I've spent this morning reading up on the happenings in the US and especially Washington. I hope you and the family are ok. How different the photos from there now, after your peaceful runs.
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    Wally K. Daly

    I found out last night that the Grangetown born playwright died a couple of weeks ago. He was working on a new play about the original streets of Grangetown when he died. RIP Wally.
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    A New International

    Fine Cumbernauld songwriter Biff Smith is doing a Facebook gig tomorrow night. I'm a bit torn as I really like Biff, but I don't touch Facebook. Anyway for the discerning FMTTM folk here's a link.
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    The Muppets

    I've just clocked there's a Muppets film on this afternoon. I think I like them more now than I did when I was a kid. And this is the one with the Muppets' version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Glad I'm trapped indoors.
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    FAO Bombero

    This was recently put up on YouTube. Me and you can enjoy while not attending Erimus 74's birthday do. I was at this gig.
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    Manu Dibango

    RIP I grew up listening to his music. The virus got him in Paris apparently. 'Soul Mokassa' sampled by loads of people, including Michel Jackson.