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  1. asredastheycome

    New Music

    Valley Maker: “Mockingbird”
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    New Music

    Sigur Rós - Dvergmál
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    New Music

    Bright Eyes Share New Song "Miracle Of Life" to Benefit Planned Parenthood After being announced to perform at Planned Parenthood’s upcoming Virtual Fundraising Festival on Oct. 25, Bright Eyes have dropped a new song “Miracle Of Life” to benefit the nonprofit. “Miracle Of Life” is an...
  4. asredastheycome

    Conspiracy theorists

    What last summer 😁
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    Idiosyncratic Music Option as a result of Clocks going back

    Love Winter Song by Alan Hull/ Lindisfarne.
  6. asredastheycome

    Who's retired on here, do you enjoy it

    Retired 3 years ago in November. My only regret is losing my wife four years ago so missing the time I should be now spending with her That said I have loved retirement. Been to Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies of cricket and numerous other holidays. Go to see lots of bands, before covid. When...
  7. asredastheycome

    Bola has been immense

    TBF Djiksteel was starting to look good under Woody before he got injured. You have to remember they were three young lads steeping up a division and it was always going to take time to settle. Sending Browne out on loan seem to have cleared his hot headed play although I think most of that was...
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    New Music

    I will have a think about it and let you know in next day or so. Will PM you. Cheers Lefty.
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    Flying - Safe or Not

    Went to Turkey with Jet 2 from Newcastle about a month ago. Airport was not too busy. Only difference with flying last year was wearing a mask. No social distancing in lounges awaiting boarding, boarding plane or seating on plane. People still queuing for toilets. No hand sanitiser in toilets...
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    New Music

    Now this band I do like and this is class. PUP - Rot
  11. asredastheycome

    New Music

    New album from Bruce. Would say I'm a fan, not huge fan but what I like I love. This is great. Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You
  12. asredastheycome

    New Music

    The Great Park - 'THE GHOST IS THE ONLY ONE THAT BEATS MY DRUM'......................this comes in at 15:54 minutes but stick with it its worth it.
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    New Music

    Lefty I knew about the Howl and The Hum but I was struggling to get people interested so havent got tickets and there is only a table for 6 left. The two tables have gone. Found Plastic Mermaids 28th Nov but cannot find Withered Hand. When is he on.
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    What's Everyone's Tipple Tonight?

    Magnet in Redcar.
  15. asredastheycome

    Hate to say this but Dirty Leeds

    Only team I have watched so far in PL. First time I caught them I enjoyed the game so watched a couple of others. Playing really well and decent football. Bamfords third tonight was sublime.
  16. asredastheycome

    Marcus Rashford on twitter

    Nobody is disputing that there is selfish parents who think more of themselves than their children. Those who neglect their children and abuse them. The answer is not to deprive the children of food because you don't like their parents lifestyle.
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    New striker

    Midfield player I think.
  18. asredastheycome

    Viz nails it...

    Stole that and posted it elsewhere(y)
  19. asredastheycome

    Stockton Globe Announces New Shows

    Spoke too soon. E-mail came this morning.
  20. asredastheycome

    New striker

    Shouldn't the thread be "No New Striker" then. You got my hopes up.;)