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  1. Norfolkred1

    Camembert, crackers and a glass of red

    I looked at my Port glass last night and thought 'yes Christmas is coming'
  2. Norfolkred1

    Oil Tanker Hijacking?

    No messing there then
  3. Norfolkred1

    Acklam Road Xmas Illuminations

    Will many people bother this year seeing as visitors maybe a no no.
  4. Norfolkred1

    Oil Tanker Hijacking?

    The Marines used to practice Oli Rig hijacking years ago. The funny part was that they were entitled to Duty Free which they duly filled their boots. Meanwhile back at the Helicopter base Customs would wait wringing their hands for the big VAT take. However Marines used to hover the Chopper and...
  5. Norfolkred1

    Oil Tanker Hijacking?

    Won't be long now. The Met have asked for Military support and a Chinook was seen taking off earlier.
  6. Norfolkred1

    Who's retired on here, do you enjoy it

    I could retire at anytime. Only just turned 59 but have been lucky with an RAF pension, no mortgage and returning home with money in the bank from our house sale in Norfolk. After working since I left school I find it hard to stop. Working for an agency gives me the flexibility when it gets me...
  7. Norfolkred1

    What happened to Beat Surrender?

    For some reason it has stopped on my Google player saying that it's not available in my Country, i believe it's based in Ireland!!
  8. Norfolkred1

    A great start to the season.

    Just don't get too complacent.
  9. Norfolkred1

    What happened to Beat Surrender?

    Was it done by Bob, if so he has left.
  10. Norfolkred1


    And they still haven't. 1-1
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  12. Norfolkred1

    Dad Jokes - all welcome!

    Alexa, 'what is the weather like this weekend' Why, where the f**k do you think your going like.
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  14. Norfolkred1

    Stuck for ideas for Christmas ?

    Plenty of titz on the dirties mug, speaks volumes.
  15. Norfolkred1

    Wow what a preview from Bristol City pre our match

    Makes the EG look even more like the Beano.
  16. Norfolkred1

    I would love to have seen Saville Goal

    The South Stand would have gone into meltdown
  17. Norfolkred1

    At the ground giving blood.

    Leg ends lounge
  18. Norfolkred1

    At the ground giving blood.

    Pitch looks nice but cobwebs on my seat.
  19. Norfolkred1

    I voted them in and I am giving them a chance...

    It's normally a 2 horse race and basically their both shoite at it.
  20. Norfolkred1


    I liked him but at every corner I would think here we go, penna.