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    This is the season we should be going for it

    If ever a statement was more applicable this is the season. Sadly, it can’t be realistic because of this bleeding COVID. Anyone else feel the same as me? Neil Warnock- right man, wrong time. He has sorted out the defence, made midfield more competitive and the missing piece in the jigsaw is the...
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    Jonson Clarke- Harris

    Next big thing from Peterborough. They do unearth some gems of strikers. We were allegedly looking at this lad when he was at Bristol Rovers.
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    We don’t need 1 striker- we need 2!

    Already down to the “bare bones” with a handful of games played, to my mind, we need 2 strikers coming in. Walker gone and Fletcher injured, we have virtually no options open to us. To win games we need strikers or a very prolific scoring midfield. We have neither. Who we can get in ? Search me!
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    Infant Hercules- getting closer to winning!

    Came second in its latest outing at Newcastle. Getting ever closer to getting his head in front. Any of the syndicate can share his running? Hard luck chaps hope he goes in next time.
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    I’ve looked at the league table- first time for a while!

    And how uplifting it is! Warnock has achieved wonders of that there is no doubt. OK, performances may not be spectacular but we are without doubt a different proposition to last season. Dare we dream ? I think so - with caution. For all the stick Warnock has had over the years- more so from...
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    I feel really sorry for Gibbo

    Words some might think they would never hear me say- but they are genuine. For years our finances have been saddled with paying vastly over the odds on wages. Progress on this front has been brilliant with the majority of high earners gone. And then Cornavirus comes along. So the revenue into...
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    Akbom- I like the cut of his gib

    Talking with great enthusiasm, genuine desire to succeed, club sold to him by Warnock, can’t wait to get started. You could say usual PR from a new signing. However, he had interest from other clubs but was keen to join us. That desire is commendable. Really hope the lad succeeds- if desire...
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    Good luck to Riverside Syndicate horse today

    Infant Hercules, second race today at Redcar. Hope you get a decent run from him today.
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    Kevin McDonald available on a free

    We were interested in him - was it 3 years or so ago?! Don’t know how much game time he has had at Fulham recently - I would guess not much. Worth a punt?
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    Reality setting in- another season of struggle?

    I had hoped after our close call with relegation we would be able to kick on. The right manager in place? Unquestionably. But once more we’ve proved we are totally useless at acquiring our real targets. And once more a lot of our players are showing they just arnt good enough. Warnocks...
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    How’s the Riverside Syndicate Horse Infant Hercules?

    Be good to get an update how the horse is. I seem to recall he is getting placed in races. Be good to hear from one of you guys about how he is progressing.
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    England Cricket this summer - been great!

    Really enjoyed the cricket this summer- tests, one sayers, T20 Twenty. Seeing 3 lots of opposition has been a great success. Capped with the series versus the Aussies- always means more to me playing them. Some brilliant performances- close results- certain games ebbing and flowing - never...
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    Declan Rice- how over rated is this guy?

    To me, distinctly average footballer. Hyped up beyond what he shows. I believe he is very lucky to get a game for England.
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    Great T20 game tonight v the Aussies

    Even though just 20 overs for each side the game ebbed and flowed. No matter the duration of games I always find them a fascinating watch. Great comeback by our lads, very disciplined to get over the line. Exciting stuff, great viewing, could hardly have been closer. Well done England!
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    T20 pace attack on show v Pakistan

    Is not that great. Curran, Jordan very inconsistent and that Lewis Gregory is a waste of space. I can’t see any of them in the World Cup lineup. With those 3 we are totally reliant on the batting strength
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    Gazette talking about sending 5 players out on loan

    Yes, 5 players! Have they not added up the players in our squad? Hasn’t it dawned on them we are having enormous problems getting anybody to sign for us? Pathetic even considering letting anyone out on loan, with the exception of the young goalkeeper. Presently, all the squad need retaining -...
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    Kevin Stewart - holding out for a better club?

    This saga has been going on a while now. If you take Warnocks comments about new players making decisions quickly this deal must be dead? Or is it? Gone very quiet on this lad.Is he holding out for something he believes is more favourable? I must admit it is rather strange this link seems to...
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    Roofie, why do you feel the need to start threads that already exist?

    Serious question. You are doing this quite a lot recently. Is it you feel the need fellow posters need to be informed twice??!!
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    Our recruitment- beyond a joke

    It really is. This post isn’t a knee jerk reaction to our shocking ability- or lack of- to get deals over the line. The one we’ve managed, was largely due to the player working with Warnock before- this holding him in high esteem. And before the ultra loyalists get stuck into this- you know the...
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    Goode to Brentford

    Looking highly likely