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  1. Centralscrutinizer

    Rudy Giuliani tucking his shirt in

    Stitched up like a kipper in the new Borat film :)
  2. Centralscrutinizer

    Downhill MTB World Championship Today

    For anyone who's interested in it. Danny Hart "The Redcar Rocket" competes today in the DH Worlds at Leogang. Starts at 13:10. Available on BBC player and Redbull TV. Conditions are looking "interesting"
  3. Centralscrutinizer

    eBay. I just sold something and need some advice

    I'm a first time seller on eBay. I sold a mountain bike last week. Offer made and the bike handed over to the buyer for cash. I've marked the bike as sold and have an envelope full of money, which is nice. The question is - how do eBay get their 10% of the sale. they haven't asked and I cant...
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    It's National Album Day. Celebrating the 80's

    https://www.nationalalbumdNational album day returns Saturday 10th October What's everyone's favourite year and/or album(s) from this decade ? 1980 was THE year for me, I was into heavy rock at the time and was spoilt. Back in Black - AC/DC Permanent Waves - Rush Heaven and Hell - Black...
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    RIP Eddie Van Halen

    One of the most influential guitarists in rock
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    European Super Cup tonight

    Bayern Munchen v Sevilla at 8 o clock. Should be a decent match to watch. It seems a long time ago now that we were in the frame to play Barcelona in this 👀
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    Eng v Aus. One day match.

    Not a good start 🙈🙈
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    Middlesbrough F.C. announce new stadium December 1993

    Not sure if this has been posted on here before, quite a good watch (y)
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    The Darts is on.

    For anyone who wants a tungsten treat the Premier League is on now. Durrant is in the last match of the night (y)
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    RIP Pete Way

    Dear me, yet another of my favourite rock musicians has passed away. RIP. UFO Bassist Pete Way Dead at 69
  11. Centralscrutinizer

    Space X re entry underway.

    Should be interesting.
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    Friday Night. What are you all eating, drinking and listening to ?

    I'm knackered after being daft enough to go mountain biking in the Lake District in the heat. So a recovery night :) Eaten already - Egg Foo Yung. Drinking - Had a bottle of Leffe, now tucking into Henry Westons Cider. Cranking up the Hi Fi and listening to my original vinyl of the first Black...
  13. Centralscrutinizer

    Back in Black by AC/DC. Released 40 years ago today.

    40 years since one of the greatest and best selling rock albums of all time was released. I can still remember cycling from Saltburn to Tony's records in Redcar to get by copy, which I still have.
  14. Centralscrutinizer

    Friday night. Eating, drinking and listening ?

    So if like me you're not brave enough to go out on a Friday night yet, what are you consuming in the house ? For me. Listening to Pink Floyd - The Wall accompanied for now with Hobgoblin and Crisps (I'm not very sophisticated :) )
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    How the UK played on during Corona virus on radio 4

    Anyone else listening to this 😓
  16. Centralscrutinizer

    The Play off Final was 5 years ago.

    I thought I'd mention this even though it might bring back bad memories :) Anyone fancy sharing some memories or pictures of the day ? I had a great time until the match started :whistle: