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    Complete Lunacy - Norwich City Today

    Fans are being allowed into Carrow Road today to watch their game live - in their ground’s restaurant! So a curtain will be drawn across the windows so they can’t see the game going on the pitch. Just baffling.
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    Rugby Players are Thick

    12 players from the Barbarians squad left their London hotel bubble to have dinner in the West End this week. Game at Twickenham this Sunday against England just called off as a result. Some of the England players had won their first cap for this match - they will be gutted...
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    He hobbled off injured at Vicarage Rd tonight. Two defeats in a row for TM’s boys.
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    Jeff Bridges

    Sad news from the dood. He has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Good luck with the treatment big man.
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    EFL Last Week Rejected £375m offer from USA for an Interest in the League

    According to a report today in the Times which would have given TPG Capital a 20% stake.
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    England U 21 v Andorra U 21

    Full time 3-3. Have Andorra improved or is that a bad performance? Andorra U21 have won only 2 games in last 10 years.
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    Changing Kick off Times to Appease The Pub Viewers

    Football fans can’t attend matches outdoors, even in small numbers. But Premier League evening kick off times will change from 8.15pm to 8pm to ensure games finish by 10pm to allow viewers to watch in pubs. This policy is like looking at a magic eye picture. The worst bit about this KO time...
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    Dale Stephens - Gaston’s Clogger

    Off to Burnley it seems.
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    Match Highlights
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    Latest You Gov Poll

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    Eurosport - Fantastic Technology for Virtual Interviews

    Loving this Cube technology that is bringing to life sports interviews when in different places . You can imagine how this can be developed outside sport too. Slight time delay but it will get better.
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    Jim Davidson

    Not going to be in many people’s top ten comedians I would have thought and he is currently trending on Twitter for ranting about large Asian families in the Daily Mail. I caught sight of this twitter thread which I found very amusing reading relating to Davidson.
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    Misery on the Pitch. Great on Radio 6 Music

    Mark Riley cheering me up with some great guitar numbers inc Stone Roses. Just played this one. What a tune. What an intro.
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    West Brom - 3-0 Down at Home

    and Fulham showing the gulf in class between Prem and Champ. Leeds have more than enough to be ok.
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    Carabao Cup Results - Birmingham City Out

    Lost to Cambridge at home. Not the start for Friend and Clayts they were looking for. And Derby scrape through at home to Barrow on penalties.
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    Doucoure to Everton - £22m

    Watford sell their top midfielder to the Toffees. Taking Grimes from Swansea reportedly.
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    New Book Just Arrived - Boro Fan

    The follow up to Match of tbe Day’s Paul Armstrong’s book Why Are We Always on Last has just arrived from Amazon. Why are We Always Indoors (unless we’re off to Barnard Castle) - a 4 month blog of life in lockdown in North London with more than the odd mention of Boro. Read the first chapter...
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    And Talking of 5-1’s 19 years ago Today!

    I was here to watch this game.
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    Watching Football Covid Style - Brighton Yesterday