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  1. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Name the player

    V famous ex Boro player - I wonder if he was a batsman or bowler? Came across this on the brilliant PIcture Stockton site
  2. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Gee Gees

    For anybody interested in that sort of thing.... FEV ROVER running at Longchamp, Sunday 13.50. Sorry in advance when it doesn't win! :cool:
  3. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Chuba Amechi Akpom

    Being reported in the Greek media (apparently) and over the road at Oneboro that he has signed for us
  4. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Supercar scrap yard

    It could only be Dubai
  5. Wiseman_Vaughn


    I recently knocked alcohol on the head - for a couple of different reasons but mainly to help with my cycling. I've been off the booze now for just over a month and I would say that it has been quite easy and straightforward to quit. I should say that I'm 57 and never really tried before. The...
  6. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Another week

    and not a lot happening in the transfer market. Am I the only one getting a bit frustrated?
  7. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Quadrophenia - Our Generation

    For any lovers of the movie (like me) there is a great Documentary on Sky Arts - The movie is also on Sky Cinema! Directed by Norton's very own Franc Roddam - worth a watch!!
  8. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Laurel Canyon

    Anybody watched this 2 part documentary? Any fans of 60's music will enjoy - focuses a lot on the Doors, CSNY, Joni Mitchell, Zappa etc and life in the Canyon. What a time to be alive!
  9. Wiseman_Vaughn


    Look good - But who will they get rid of? Who would you have? - For me, Luke Ayling - Seems like a character and a good defender. To think we were very evenly matched with Leeds just 2 years ago
  10. Wiseman_Vaughn


    anybody care to predict the final score? I really hope Wigan do the 10!!
  11. Wiseman_Vaughn


    Anybody having reception issues on the cricket? Just checked the live footie and there is no problems. Same yesterday too!
  12. Wiseman_Vaughn


    I was in denial before today but now I think we will be relegated. Not because of todays result but the total lack of ability and desire shown in the Swansea, Hull and QPR games. We were fortunate that Stoke looked as bad, if not worse than us. It could be the catalyst to change - who knows!
  13. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Anybody wishing the season had been cancelled?

    I do - I did before the restart. As much as I am enjoying the matches - even last night - The rejuvination of the likes of Hull, Barnsley, Luton etc might see us relegated. The lockdown has shifted the goal posts and been advantageous to some clubs and not others. It's funny how things work...
  14. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Road Bikes - Ribble

    Question for the boards cycling enthusiasts... I bought an Orbea Hybrid last year and ended up using it way more than I aticipated due to being Furloughed. With hindsight - I wish I'd bougt an out and out road bike and I'm starting to have a look around for something in the £1500 price bracket...
  15. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Drone enthusiasts

    Morning all! Any drone enthusiasts out there? I've just ordered a Mavic Mini in an attempt to get started - I didn't want (and couldn't afford) to dive staright in with a Phantom or Mavic pro and thought I would mess about with the mini first. Any tips to get me started?
  16. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Admit it! Who loves self isolation?

    Me for one! Loving this working from home mullarky! All about a proper routine IMO. Stay focused and it's brilliant!
  17. Wiseman_Vaughn

    The Old Board

    Does anybody still go there or has everybody migrated here?
  18. Wiseman_Vaughn


    WTF? Could be a lengthy ban here. DIER
  19. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Sheff Wed v City last night (Nigel Pearson)

    Found Nigel Pearson to be very insightful last night. He came across as a very likeable chap and spoke well. What might have been, eh?
  20. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Nigel Pearson

    What a fantastic win it was for Watford today! Brilliantly set up by Pearson. To think he was "considered" by MFC but we went for woodgate instead.