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    Two guitars played, owned and partly designed by the late Eddie Van Halen will go up for auction in December. A 2004 EVH Charvel Art Series electric guitar with red, white and black stripes on the body and headstock will be among items for sale at the Julien's Auctions in Los Angeles in...
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    Consultants' fees 'up to £6,250 a day' for work on Covid test system Article quotes “To build the largest diagnostic network in British history, it requires us to work with both public and private sector partners with the specialist skills and...
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    Gibson finds his voice at last

    Link to Gazette but original article is from Times. Thats behind a paywall so cannot post it. Love the line in the comments section below from flourishingnepotism "Has Gibbo been given a...
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    Thats how you do testing

    An entire city of nine million people in China will be tested for Covid-19 in just five days after a small number of new cases emerged. People in Qingdao have been joining long queues for test centres following the confirmation of 12 infections, mostly linked to a hospital in the city, the...
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    Tickets for shows moved for Covid................WTF

    The other day I asked about the Richard Dawson show at the Westgarth . Confirmed its not going ahead. I have been getting e-mails from shows that have been moved sometimes by as much as a year. There does not seem to be an option for a refund on some of these shows(I still have others to check...
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    Richard Dawson Westgarth Oct 7

    Anyone know what's happening with this show. Its still listed on his facebook site and The Westgarths but can't see how it can take place under current restrictions. Maybe Rob_FMTTM might know. Are you there Rob.
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    Care Homes..............have we learnt nothing

    Middlesbrough care homes told to expect Covid positive patients in coming days and weeks. Although this article said no pressure will be put on Care Homes to accept Covid patients surely the hospital is the best place for them...
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    Would you expect more than 1 CB coming in now.

    With Stubbs apparently going to Fleetwood we are left desperately short of Central Defenders. I would hope that a couple come in but atm there is no talk about this position.
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    Good article on Warnock in Daily Mail

    The Daily Mail who would have thought they had it in them:p
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    Match on mobile.

    Anyone having any problems getting it on the mobile app.
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    Matt Hancock made me laugh this morning, unfortunately

    Cannot believe his statement on Kay Burley show. Made me laugh out loud as I could not believe what I heard him say and I dont think Kay Burley could either. Apart from being useless he is also thick as mince. And shamefully he is prepared to back people like Tony Abbott. asked about Tony...
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    Four Game refund form

    For those who renewed online here is the form to claim your refund and instructions on how to do so from Boro. If you click on the thumbnail you can print it A4 size. Hi Following confirmation that the 2019/20 Championship season will now be completed behind closed doors, we’d like to thank...
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    Timeless TV series

    I started watching the first series of this as it was listed on Paste sci-fi recommendations. Its not all that good to be honest but it reminds me of Time Tunnel which I loved as a kid so has got me hooked a bit. I have one episode of first series and then series 2 to go so I'll stick with it...
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    Most of us agree that we should be guided by Scientists why is there such a great disparity in what Scientists around the world are saying. Surely if they are all looking at the same facts and figures they should be generally on the same page but some are not even on the same book. No wonder people are confused and are just doing...
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    Teesworks Reading the Gazette today it states that eventually 775 jobs will be created on this site. However that is going to cast £393 million which seems high for the number of jobs it will create. That's a...
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    Don't Threads move up to top when someone posts

    Am I right in thinking this should happen. Been looking for threads and end up searching for them. For example the New Music thread I always have to do a search even when I have posted an update.
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    This is brilliant Robbie Basho - Orphan's Lament

    Not heard this before. He died in 1986 after a stroke. Putting this Buster Keaton clip with this song works a treat. Robbie Basho - Orphan's Lament
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    Emmitt Rhodes RIP

    Sad to hear he has died at the age of 70. He probably wont be known to a lot on here but was a great singer songwriter who help shape the power pop genre. Started in the Psychedelic scene in the sixties with a number of bands including The Merry Go Round. He was probably unfortunately compared...
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    Basically every man for themselves now.

    Or will be when these latest measures come in. Back to herd immunity. Shift the so called powers and blame to Local Councils. From the BBC At-a-glance: The latest changes in England From 25 July indoor gyms, pools and other sports facilities can reopen On 1 August the government will update...
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    The timing of Raab's statement on Russian interference

    Following the election of Julian Lewis as the chairman of the ISC on Wednesday and the intention to publish the long-awaited report into alleged Russian interference in the 2017 general election and the 2016 Brexit vote next week. It cannot be coincidence that after months if not years of saying...