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    Totally agree Rob Utb
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    Warnock has tested positive for Covid-19

    And me Rob UTB
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    Joe Root

    His finished now in one day cricket. Cant bat cant field.
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    Joe Root

    Surely thats the end of him in one day cricket?
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    Joe Root

    Definitely not a ODI cricketer. Cant field to safe his life. Australia back over here next year. Get Ben Stokes in as captain ASAP
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    Joe Root

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    Joe Root

    Why on earth has he not declared before now? Makes me say again he's not an England captain give Ben Stokes the job ASAP. Roots catancy and decision making getting questioned by Sky commentators who by the way are very experienced players and captains of both sides.
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    Conservatory roof insulation

    Yep had mine done 2 years ago. Big change especially in the summer.
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    Has Exiled in Herford signed up yet on the new forum?

    Why dont you leave him alone? Hes a good lad and a loyal Boro fan.
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    Boro fans in Greenwich

    Any pubs in Greenwich for Boro fans prior to the Game.?
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    Darlo Station

    Any know the cost of leaving my car at Darlington station next Saturday returning Sunday afternoon from the Boro v Charlton game??
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    Charlton Game

    Does anyone know if there is tickets left or can you pay on the door?
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    Come on Boro

    Up nice and early to catch a train from Boro to Barnsley. Looking forward to a great day with the mighty Boro fans. Going for a 1-2 away win. Johnny Woodgate is a red. Come on Boro
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    Piano tutor

    Can you give me a quote for hourly lessons
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    Piano tutor

    I've just bought a Yamaha keyboard and was looking for a tutor to learn a few songs. Not looking to learn music just chords plus notes.???UTB
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    First post from Smoggynorm

    Well with the help of Rob I've finally made it to the new site. Looks good Rob UTB