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    Comedians and satirists can't compete with Trump

    Yet to see any of them that can compete with Trump himself. Must be a strange situation for those trying to nail it. There's an abundance of material but it's almost impossible to compete with the real deal. Bizarrely, if Trump pulls off another victory he'll have to go down as one of the...
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    Andy Preston

    Expect some press release reannouncements or announcements regarding announcements over the coming days. No doubt Preston and his team will be using the same how to guide used by Ben Houchen. Not even a murmur from Houchen about what's going on - and he's supposed to be leading the Tees region...
  3. J

    Preston Tower/Boho X

    Andy Preston's tower with a helipad on top cost over £600k in design fees - then it was shelved not long after :LOL: There was even a chunk spent on booking the Riverside Stadium to announce it. Someone has had a very nice payday off this. Wonder if they are linked to you know who :unsure...
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    Most and least reliable car brands revealed

    Turns out the premium badge cars are largely tin cans :LOL: Good luck with dropping 70k on a Range Rover only for it break down not long after. Why don't these premium badgers just stick to teeth whitening and protein shakes. Would save them some cash and possibly fund a self-esteem course...
  5. J

    Anyone fancy joining the Peloton family?

    Can anyone join or do you have to shell out the initial £2k and then £500 per annum :LOL: A wanna be just like Beckham and Branson :LOL::ROFLMAO: Best Regards, Expo :cool:
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    Barbers near Kings Cross

    Walking past yesterday and it looked like a decent place - well it was actually. Popped my head in to see if I could get a cut and they said I needed to book. Then one of the staff came over and said they could fit me in straight away. Anyway all went well and I got a nice trim. Went to the...
  7. J

    Anyone fancy a cup of coffee in London :LOL:
  8. J

    Guess who's involved in test and trace

    Deloitte and pwc :LOL: Both known for their systemic incompetence. Anyone who has ever dealt with these firms knows that you wouldn't be confident of asking them to drop something through the post box. Then Dido Harding is appointed to oversee them :ROFLMAO:
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    Eat out to spread the virus scheme

    All those bells booking tables up with a bottle of wine to boot :LOL: That went well. Boris Johnson :LOL:
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    From £5000 per month to let in Dundas Arcade and 50k rates on top

    Punching 10k a month minimum :LOL: Maybe Chef Ramsay could move and sell a few hundred of his breakfasts a day :cool:
  11. J

    Who'd pay £19 for this?

    Gordon Ramsay's restaurant - the chump :LOL:
  12. J

    RIP Pat Smullen

    Anyone familiar to horse racing will have no doubt witnessed Pat booting home a winner or two over the years - 1892 to be exact including 12 classics. He was an extremely fit man and would have no doubt added significantly more to his tally had his career not been halted.
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    The Lord of Yarm

    Any thoughts gents?
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    These steak places popping up everywhere

    Tomahawks :LOL: Anyone ever been to one? Businesses are having to cut costs and run a tight ship, yet these places are turning up like they are on a production line. The rate of expansion wouldn't seem right in a booming hospitality industry....but in the middle of a pandemic?
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    Welcome to America

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    Just snapped off a row of Fin Carre Rich Milk

    In the office, to enjoy with some Hotel Chocolat 100% Dark Hot Choc (y) Why? Because I can gents :cool:
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    Hi gents, it's just JustTheGent here - got one for 3.10 Ayr

    Let's play BIG CITY @ 9/2 (generally) (y) Wins today. Beat that if you can :cool:
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    Boho X debacle in Middlesbrough

    They were supposed to have started building this place by now with a helipad on top :LOL: What's the purpose of building new office accommodation when there's already plenty of it standing empty; including better quality office space than is being proposed. This is at a time when commercial...
  19. J

    Excessive disposable incomes

    What are some of the things/gadgets that people buy that make you chuckle? Bumped into a couple the other day that I haven't seen for a while and they were raving about something called a Thermomix. It's apparently a trendy food processor that costs north of a grand. Their eyes were dilating as...
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    Elected Mayor Andy Preston

    Always a divisive figure but does anyone actually think he's doing a decent job? All the stats say that Middlesbrough is going backwards rather than making any progress and this was happening before the pandemic. Was speaking to someone yesterday who used to shout from the rooftops about Preston...