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    Warnock: best Boro manager for a Generation

    You are obviously blind. Taken over a club on its **** and moulded them into a unit virtually unrecognisable from last season. Wake up !
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    Warnock: best Boro manager for a Generation

    Really is the Master of this division. Getting in a striker who can score goals would be the final piece of the jigsaw. The irony is Gibbo has backed inferior managers who talk the talk. Warnock walks the walk. Truest is- I’ve said before- right man wrong time....
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    Who's retired on here, do you enjoy it

    Just read my post again. It could be misconstrued as bragging about the commission. Sorry if this was the case. I was merely wanting to point out that whilst I am fit enough I will continue working to enable me to save. In 12 months time it could be a different ball game!
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    Who's retired on here, do you enjoy it

    Having worked for over 30 years I am due to retire( even though there isn’t an official retirement age?). Had a conversation with the boss alluding to this, he wasn’t keen for me to pack up. Suggested part time. To me, if you can work, great. Having had £4300 commission in the last 3 months and...
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    This is the season we should be going for it

    Frankly, the lists of free agents is hardly inspiring. They are free agents for very obvious reasons - they are far from prolific in scoring goals. I would like to see some of our younger forwards- for example Burrell- integrated into the first team squad and getting a place on the bench. There...
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    Old site returning 404 error

    Old site - RIP
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    I fancy us at Cardiff

    3rd choice left back for them today. Get into the young lad and attack down that flank
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    This is the season we should be going for it

    If ever a statement was more applicable this is the season. Sadly, it can’t be realistic because of this bleeding COVID. Anyone else feel the same as me? Neil Warnock- right man, wrong time. He has sorted out the defence, made midfield more competitive and the missing piece in the jigsaw is the...
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    Two very good Boro managers who could spot talent, Stan Anderson & Willie Maddren

    Morning Erimus, I would throw another name into the ring- John Neal. Maybe not as many but did sign some decent players - Cochran’s and Burns too the list. And of course, Bosco (RIP)
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    Macron tells the French Fisherman to expect less catches

    French fisherman will go on strike, blockade the ports and throw rotten fish on the streets of Paris. Macron will s@@t himself. The scenario is set!
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    The best player I seen in a Boro shirt scored his final Boro goals this day.......

    Great, great player for us - once Jack sorted him out!
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    Liverpool cranking up the pressure on Everton and Pickford

    Not bright enough to work that one out.....
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    Quietly confident.......

    That’s the spirit CTC...
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    Cracking result

    Warnock is delivering- please get him a striker in.
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    Jonson Clarke- Harris

    Next big thing from Peterborough. They do unearth some gems of strikers. We were allegedly looking at this lad when he was at Bristol Rovers.
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    Team anyone?

    Spence, Johnson, Roberts start, Britt out
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    Liverpool and Man Utd in secret

    American owners - just chasing more and more revenue. Don’t care a fig about the English game
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    Steph McGovern and "no go zones" in Middlesbrough

    I was mugged in Boro town centre many years ago. Carted off to hospital, 16 stitches in my head, and informed I was lucky to get away with my life as I had been stabbed in the head with a knife and top top of a spiked railing. Soured my opinion of Boro town centre and only ever come to watch...
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    U23s v Sunderland

    Local lad, 18 years old, right midfielder
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    U23s v Sunderland

    Should be on the bench at the very least.