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  1. kuepper

    Clayton sent off

    (and yellow for George) in tonight's Gibson v Friend/Clayton game. ...gave away a pen on saturday too
  2. kuepper

    Johnson tightening grip on UK media

    Rabid right winger Dirty Dacre heading to Ofcom, Charles Moore heading to the BBC........frightening
  3. kuepper

    Open Culture

    great site eg great Hendrix
  4. kuepper

    Johnson bailing out the Queen & Co

    No doubt in exchange she'll give the Royal Assent to anything Johnson puts under her nose now ......including a certain bill breaking an international treaty
  5. kuepper

    When Johnson was pro EU

    and even wanted Turkey to be let in.....
  6. kuepper

    Johnson ready to reward no deal backers

    As predicted 12 months ago
  7. kuepper

    Test and trace in tatters

    Thank god it's a world beating system as PM and Dido said
  8. kuepper

    The threat to free speech in the UK

    comes from Johnson
  9. kuepper

    Why covid-19 deaths have plummeted

    covid-19 deceased are now dying of pneumonia instead
  10. kuepper

    Johnson scuppering Brexit deal he signed with EU

    Johnson can't be trusted? Well I never...... According to FT The UK is planning new legislation that will override key parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, risking the collapse of trade negotiations with Brussels. Sections of the internal market bill — due to be published this Wednesday...
  11. kuepper

    In 2020 the 3 party leaders

    Are white, male Oxford graduates, 2 of them knights of the realm and the other a very rich Tory....... So lucky to be led by our equals
  12. kuepper

    Ghost towns threat

    Opportunity to convert the empty offices into affordable / social housing then
  13. kuepper

    Lady/Baroness 'Dido' Harding gets another job

    Astonishing how this Tory peer and wife of a right-wing Tory MP keeps getting jobs without an interview and having botched test and trace
  14. kuepper

    Latest govt lie on no. of covid tests

    Govt Minister Nick Gibb 'unintentionally mis-spoke' we test 330000 people a day on the Today programme this morning. Unchallenged by the journo even though the no. of people tested per day stopped being published months ago. There's always been spin and exaggeration in politics but this...
  15. kuepper

    Sir Mr Theresa May
  16. kuepper

    Denise Johnson RIP

    The female voice of Primal Scream with a musical cv inc Weller, Marr, Sumner, A Certain Ratio, George Clinton, Michael Hutchence
  17. kuepper

    Spain back on the UK banned travel list

    From midnight any arrivals have to quarantine for 14 days. Announcement imminent acc to Sunday Times Tim Shipman
  18. kuepper

    Chris Kamara on Bill Gates

    Danny Baker asked ppl on twitter for their 1st football hero
  19. kuepper

    Cummings in charge of all govt data since yesterday

    Good job he's honest and trustworthy
  20. kuepper

    Any link?

    radio or tv