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  1. Norfolkred1

    At the ground giving blood.

    Pitch looks nice but cobwebs on my seat.
  2. Norfolkred1

    Cracking result

    Well done lads and well deserved. Worked their socks for that, bring on the Daffodils Saturday with their tails up.
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    Top Gear

    Something decent on a Sunday night worth watching.
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    Panic buying

    Just been to ASDA Thornaby and absolutely no sign of the impending stampede as media would have it. Not that could not see much over my 72 rolls and pasta hill.
  6. Norfolkred1

    Flu Jabs

    Will this cause further panic for Covid tests due to some side effects of getting the jab.
  7. Norfolkred1

    RIP Wor Jack Charlton

    Sad day for English football.
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    Bristol 1-0

    C;mon Brizzle
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    Its frozen on me

  10. Norfolkred1

    Pick TV Sky 159

    As I have kicked Sky Sports into touch, Pick has some good games coming up, with Brighton V the Mancs tonight. Bournemouth V The Geordies tomorrow. Watford V Norwich on the 7th and Wolves V The Toffees on the 12th. Just saying like.
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    Does Racism work both ways.

    I know It's a contentious issue but your thoughts.
  12. Norfolkred1

    C & E Motors

    Near the Tranny. Anyone had any dealings with them. Just looking for a car and seen a few decent ones on their site.
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    Urgent Help Required

    Dear FMTTM colleagues. My Mam died on Tuesday morning and we have been sorting out the funeral for next Tuesday. However we have reached a block. I am trying to enlarge a photo for the Coffin but all the booths have been shut down. I have tried TESCO, Boots and ASDA to no avail. Doe anyone have...
  14. Norfolkred1

    Anyone doing a bit of bodging during the lockdown

    Over the last weeks I have just getting on with jobs around the house. So week one I dismantled an old boiler in the attic and used the copper pipes to make a lamp on some driftwood. Dismantled the shed and used the wood to make a surround for the garden. Painted the BBQ and the garden furniture...
  15. Norfolkred1

    Winners and Loosers of Covid 19

    Both lists must long but looking at the likes of the corner shop having booming business who used to struggle and then the likes of Branson looking for handouts just shows how things can change rapidly.
  16. Norfolkred1

    Starlink visible tonight

    Heading West to East at approx. 2109 just South of the Boro. In total around 28.
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    Nice to have some great news for a change

    My mate, Thetford boy, has just sent me a WhatsApp of him ringing the Free of Cancer (Prostate) Bell. Chuffed to bits for him. South Stand ST holder.
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    So, where are you not going on Holiday

    Was meant to be flying into Houston on Tuesday then drive to Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and back to Texas. Think it maybe a long time before we contemplate another USA road trip.
  19. Norfolkred1

    Police powers during restrictions

    I feel for the Coppers who really have no set guidelines. Seen a number of footage of people questioning the rules and TBF the police have no come back. There was one of a women who just questioned everything the copper said to her. Eventually she forced them to arrest her. And another of a...
  20. Norfolkred1

    Is anyone watch the Brighton game

    On YouTube. Happy days. UTFB