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    Nothing to fear !.

    When you think about it, only one defeat so far in the league, courtesy of a single goal against a relegated premiership team in Watford....away from home. Bar Barnsley, having played teams at the top End, nobody has set the heather alight against us. Aye, With a makeshift defence too. I reckon...
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    Bauser, an apology !

    It appears I may have jumped the gun regarding Mr Bauser’s inability to get deadline day deals over the line. If I am wrong and Yannick Bolasie has indeed been secured. I unreservedly apologise.
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    Tough times ahead.

    It seems that we are in line for some more tough times today, courtesy of BJ’s announcement tonight at 6. all the more reason to mull over a line of Churchill’s when times were actually even tougher. “ When you are going through hell, ......keep going’!. Keep safe all.
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    Zohore !

    Anybody got any more info on my hero Zohore?. I haven’t heard anything for half an hour. need that fix !
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    Top six next week !

    Looking at the table, and who others are playing. we can potentially move into the top six with a win against Reading. Is it too early or should we be pushing for it ?.
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    Kenneth Zohore !

    Anybody else think this fella must have a better agent than Frank Sinatra had. every time you go on google he pops up and we are bring told about his imminent transfer to Sheff Wed. its ridiculous. He is being made out to be some latter day Thierry Henry when in reality, as in Neil Warnocks...
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    Ben Liddle......gone !

    Ben Liddle, midfielder and U23 Captain has left Boro on a permanent transfer to Bristol Rovers. No fee mentioned. Was this good business for Boro ?.
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    Gazzette Comments

    Has anybody noticed how very few comments are applied to any of the Gazette’s storylines nowadays. Once there would be dozens of comments for each report. Nowadays maybe 2 or 3 are posted. I think they have made a big mistake in making it difficult to comment. I imagine folk have just had...
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    Window slams shut !

    No surprise to me that no more signings arrived in this particular window. Assuming Roberts is confirmed soon I don’t think we can really complain. We have all been drilled now into the ‘Boro are skint’ mindset so it wouldn’t be morally right if Boro all of a sudden pulled a £5m signing out...
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    Neil Warnock U Turn

    Apparently Neil Warnock has now revised His plans to bring in another out and out striker this window. He is saying that 3 strikers is enough for now. He now feels a number 10 type will be more beneficial, and ‘its likely to be a premiership loan signing’. Basically bringing in the goalscoring...
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    Zohore !

    I was reading that Sheffield Wednesday look like they have ‘won’ the race to sign Zohore from WBA Not required at all by Bilic. Massive wages and a non scorer for them. A former player of Neil Warnock and heavily linked with us previously. All links seem to have gone dead now. Do you think...
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    Akbom latest ?

    I’ve seen nothing today regarding this deal being tied up yet. I haven’t read the papers or watched sky either to be fair. And hoped for news on here. I was hoping the club were maybe holding back to produce a pair of signings today but as said, I have seen nothing. Can anybody offer any reason...
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    Ayala you big fibber !.

    I have just read Ayala’s first Blackburn interview. He stated “ Blackburn were always my 1st choice’. “ But I had an offer from abroad that I had to consider first”. No mention of his talks with Watford, and Norwich. Oooooooh..., you big fibber !. so you were just waiting for the right...
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    Give Warnock his head !.

    Boro have to date brought in an experienced goalkeeper, a central midfielder that managers and fans are delighted with. A centre forward who seems to have lost his way a touch and will be A lot happier playing back in the UK I’m sure. Warnock won’t be finished yetHe talks of another forward but...
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    Ayala to Blackburn ?

    I see Blackburn are seemingly close to signing up Ayala. How the mighty fall eh?. it seems he has done the rounds in the last few weeks. Norwich, Swansea, Spain..... I wonder if he regrets what he did to Boro now.?. he won’t have had a wage since he left us and if he had stuck it out with us...
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    Young un’s going out on loan.

    The alleged experienced and ‘better’ players at the club let us all down badly last season, they Formed a team that very nearly got us relegated. Some gave out a couldn’t care less attitude ( no names no pack drill we know who they were ). The young lads were put on the bench to watch this...
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    TV showing for Shrewsbury game.

    5-30pm on a friday night for the Shrewsbury game. Strange time I know. Does anybody know if its to be shown on TV or is it to accommodate Shrewsbury’s travelling arrangements. It seems a long way to travel then play a game at teatime. No sleep in for them that day, and probably meeting up...
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    Warnock’s deadline ?

    A week ago, Neil Warnock stated that he wouldn't wait too long for players to make a decision about joining tbe club. This Kieffer Moore situation seems to be dragging on a bit since news of our interest appeared some time ago. Its pretty obvious to me that his agent is playing off Cardiff...
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    Hoilett link

    I am taking this link to Junior Hoilett with a pinch of salt. It seems whoever has played for Neil Warnock over the years is being linked with a move back with him....if he is available. I can imagine it being more sound if he was without a fee attached. However, with a year left, Cardiff would...