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  1. kuepper

    Favourite Clash song?!

    Mick Jones is Grant Schapps cousin......
  2. kuepper

    Angela Rayner

  3. kuepper

    Favourite Clash song?!

    It took them into a higher orbit imho, it's my favourite Clash album even though they are only backing musicians on my favourite track
  4. kuepper

    BORIS ! There’s your spade....dig your grave

    why do you call him that (Bxxxx) when that's what him and his team want, he's not a harmless buffoon
  5. kuepper

    Clayton sent off

    (and yellow for George) in tonight's Gibson v Friend/Clayton game. ...gave away a pen on saturday too
  6. kuepper

    0-1 Boro

    up to 8th 1 pt off the play off spots now with 40 games to go
  7. kuepper

    Boro vs Reading Match Thread

    Britt's done nothing
  8. kuepper


    Has Roberts played since last season, probably v match rusty
  9. kuepper

    New Music

    New track from the astonishing LDR
  10. kuepper

    Not sure if I posted this before - The 1st match & Boro goalscorer after you were born

    25/9/48, beaten 2-4 at home by the mighty Charlton - Mickey Fenton and Johnny Spuhler with the goals before 33.273
  11. kuepper

    Child Poverty in Middlesbrough

    Sign Rashford's petition
  12. kuepper

    Most laid back song

  13. kuepper

    TR OCTOBER UPDATE: WHITE RIOT. On TV this Friday [16th October]

    The Manchester view - worth a quick look
  14. kuepper

    Has any body here ever called or wrote to ofcom

    I complained about Rachel Riley's racist patronising attitude towards and blatant bias against an Asian contestant on Countdown. Only ever received an automated acknowledgement which said Ofcom will not normally write back to you with the outcome of its considerations. However, please be...
  15. kuepper

    Most laid back song

  16. kuepper

    Most laid back song

  17. kuepper

    Most laid back song

    All Spain's songs are laid back on this album in particular
  18. kuepper

    Most laid back song

  19. kuepper

    Marcus Rashford MBE

    He doesn't need a gong to be a hero, he's one already. Disappointed he hasn't refused it tbh. I hope he finds a good reason to return it at a later date.
  20. kuepper

    Your favourite Black & White Film

    Dr Strangelove, Saturday Night Sunday Morning, 12 Angry Men, Some Like It Hot, I'm All Right Jack