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    The Mill at Stokesley bans Rishi Sunak 'barred for life'

    That's his 5s and 3s career knackered.
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    Viz nails it...

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    New striker

    We'll have a proven striker on the bench tomorrow with Assombalonga fit.
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    New striker

    We've got three first team strikers at the club, as many as we had during our successful periods in the 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as having a bigger squad. Early days but the manager seems to be making a decent fist of it.
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    Excess Deaths Latest

    Have a look at the No More Surgeons blog, the consultant from JCUH gives a decent account of the current situation.
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    New striker

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    Stuck for ideas for Christmas ?

    Oh no it isn't! It will quite possibly be different with more facing what many already face each Christmas. The OP link didn't work for me.
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    What are we all reading right now?

    Page turning through Ken Follet's Century Trilogy, in the middle of 'Winter of the World' at present. I've got The Farther Corner shouting 'open me' and I think that will happen this morning.
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    The 9am figures not disclosed yet?

    During my latest bout of surgery I asked about the effect of Covid19 on JCUH, I was referred to that blog.
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    Stockton Globe Announces New Shows

    That's some size venue for Teesside.
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    Stockton Globe Announces New Shows

    That would be a plus, the wider the audience the more chance of success. Any idea what the capacity will be?
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    Angela Rayner

    She was out of order and apologised.
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    I think you need to look into that in more detail. I'm sure there was a thread about it, maybe just a report I read.
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    That it's flammable?
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    Birmingham City

    Their only win was against the run of play, according to the report I read. Karanka's trying to drill the defensive mindset into them, building up the defend from the front mentality. Totally dominated by Norwich and by Sheff Wed. I remember looking at the stats at half time, Brum had two...
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    October fest

    7 would be a very good return. You know what we're like against Forest.
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    At the ground giving blood.

    They've got your cash, now they want your blood.
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    Birmingham City

    He'll have no problem leaving one of his own.
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    Will that be the de-luxe cardboard at £2500 with additional specially made for funeral tape with 6 engineered looped handles for the bearers?
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    Birmingham City

    What do they make of Jutkiewicz on the wing?