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  1. Wiseman_Vaughn

    What are we all reading right now?

    Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder - a collection of published articles about (Guess what) - Cycling! Entertaining and good! Reality is Plastic - a book about Hypnosis
  2. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Favourite Clash song?!

    My fave varies ... heard “the call up” the other day... great track! Train in vain , as mentioned above” is brilliant- and to think it only just made it on to the album. You can hear the hurt and anger in Jones’ voice
  3. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Most impressed with....

    I wouldn't change a thing. Everybody in defence looks like they are meant to be there. Dael Fry looks like a brand new signing. He's solid and dependable - what a change!!
  4. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Most impressed with....

    I mentioned on another thread yesterday that for me, the most important thing was letting Roberts get competitive minutes under his belt. He did that and looked good. I would have been happy with a draw so winning away v the top team s a real bonus. I posted on a different thread that I thought...
  5. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Win tonight

    I would be happy with a draw but would love Patrick Roberts to get some time in.
  6. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Morsey looks like he’s been here for years

    I’m going to stick my neck out and say NW is putting together a VERY decent team! Pity we didn’t get the extra striker over the line
  7. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Best car on TV

    It could be mine!
  8. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Andy Burnham fighting back against the govt

    I really like Andy Burnham. I don't always agree with him but he comes across as being a genuine guy. It's a pity he didn't win the leadership contest in 2015.
  9. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Not sure if I posted this before - The 1st match & Boro goalscorer after you were born

    Charlton Athletic 3 v 4 Middlesbrough, 01 December 1962 Ian Gibson Alan Peacock Alan Peacock Alan Peacock (y)
  10. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    I was absolutely clear!
  11. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    You do tend to read a lot into generic comments, don’t you?
  12. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    What makes sense to me is good old value for money. If you can afford to shope ethically - based on your own political preferences - go for it! I certainly can't! Tim Martin built his Wethrspoons empire on offering a good product at a CHEAPER price plus being open for longer hours. what is...
  13. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Big 60 today

    Have a good one! UTB!
  14. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Prog rock - Any connoisseurs?

    Just having a listen to Ten Years After's "A Space in Time" - Great Album!! If you listen to one track, listen to "I'd love to change the world"
  15. Wiseman_Vaughn

    If you had to the chance to pick a trade to retrain in...

    I'm edging towards 60 now, after a career having to think daily, a break from that would be welcome to say the least.
  16. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    Boycotting high street businesses based on political leanings etc doesn't make much sense to me. If they (Wetherspoons in this case) offer a product or service at a good price I go there. If decisions were made on moral or political grounds, let's face it, we wouldn't go anywhere. Mike Ashley...
  17. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Name the player

    I remember that there used to be Norton cricket team pics in the Top House front room. He was definitely in one of those pics - having said that - I am presuming it was Norton
  18. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Prog rock - Any connoisseurs?

    I remember the older lads at school wandering around in Duffle coats with Genesis and Yes albums under their arm - Thank God Punk came along and saved us all :D
  19. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Name the player

    Pally played for Norton. I believe Bruce put a stop to it.
  20. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Name the player

    aye millsy playing for Thornaby