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  1. Uksake

    The Ignore button - I really like this now

    Roofie is mine, been trying for years to try and ignore this bellend and now finally it's brilliant!!
  2. Uksake

    Looking like All TS postcodes about to go into lockdown

    According to the gazette with an announcement to be made as early as tomorrow. Jacob saying he doesn't want it, but this is clearly a ploy as he knows it is to happen regardless but will look like the good guy if he tries to contest it 😂
  3. Uksake

    Wearing masks

    Well I flew from Newcastle last week and found the exact opposite. Everyone was well behaved and all faces covered appropriately
  4. Uksake

    Forest & Olympiakos

    Is this youwantsomeyougotnofans new username???
  5. Uksake

    England squad do you support Southgate’s stance ?

    Unfortunately Maguire is one of the best we currently have. The other 2 are a penny a chuck to replace
  6. Uksake

    Andy Preston confusing?

    Might be just me this, but wasn't he the one asking for a local Middlesbrough lockdown now saying he won't stand for it?? Just confused me a bit this one.....?
  7. Uksake

    Has Steve Gibson retired his 'hopesoboro' character?

    All Middlesbrough FC staff have signed a disclaimer on not commenting on any social media sites
  8. Uksake

    Les Ferdinand on why QPR players didn’t take a knee on Friday

    Well, if I bent down to take the knee, " My other Knee " would give way and I wouldn't be able to get back up again 😂
  9. Uksake

    Johnson's Italy weekend

    " Is Italy on the quarantine list? " No and it had better not be either till after Monday next week!!
  10. Uksake

    Where was Mr Warnock tonight?

    Ah, cheers mate. Wondered what happened to him
  11. Uksake

    Where was Mr Warnock tonight?

    Not at the game it appears? Blackwell taking charge for the evening....
  12. Uksake

    James Coppinger still playing!

    Know James quite well. A very strong visioned lad who has battled demons in the past. Good luck to him and an extremely talented individual
  13. Uksake

    What exactly is a " Karen "?

    So, heard this banded around the past few days to a bit of confusion. Anyone shed any light?
  14. Uksake

    The 9am figures not disclosed yet?

    Of course it isn't. Any death caused by this awful disease is atrocious. I didn't mean anything by it, sorry
  15. Uksake

    The 9am figures not disclosed yet?

    The majority of deaths are still in the 65+ category though are they not?
  16. Uksake

    Are people from Stockton classed as smoggies?

    Or is it just the fine folk of Middlesbrough?
  17. Uksake

    1917 The film ( No spoilers )

    Wow, probably the best film I've seen. Would highly recommend it. Graphics and very moving storyline with an added bit of Teesside
  18. Uksake

    Disgraceful ref

    100% professional foul. Absolute red. That lad knew exactly what he was doing
  19. Uksake

    I’m banned from the other site....

    Nah, can still post on there (y)
  20. Uksake

    Just testing photos....