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  1. Norman_Conquest

    James Cook Parking

    Hi guys, I’m off to JC for a MRI scan on my knee and was just wondering how you pay for parking. Is it cash only in a machine in the car park or do you need to take your ticket and pay inside the hospital? Thanks in advance.
  2. Norman_Conquest

    Because of Abbott and Costello

    This was really clever.
  3. Norman_Conquest

    Can you imagine this happening whilst out for a stroll

    Can you imagine this happening to you whilst you are out for a run or a stroll. I can't understand why he didn't pick a tock up earlier. Jake Herak (Mountain Men) would have sorted it out.
  4. Norman_Conquest

    Holloway's long winded rant - Greed is disgusting

    I think he's right what he is saying, but he does like the sound of his own voice. I heard a comment this morning that made me smile: @I don't mind them making the league into 18, the sooner Man U & Liverpool F off the better.
  5. Norman_Conquest

    Is this the worst football team -120 goal difference

    Stoke Gabriel have conceded 122 goals and only replied with 2 goals after 10 games. Their keeper is player of the year so far. Stoke Gabriel is a small beautiful village in Devon and better know for the Church Inn (I am sure I have a picture of my sons sat in the stocks whilst I enjoyed a...
  6. Norman_Conquest

    I didn't realise that Ryan Shotton

    Is still without a club.
  7. Norman_Conquest

    FAO Lightweight

    Did you get sorted out setting up your wood lathe?
  8. Norman_Conquest

    Advice - package delivery from America

    Hi, I am after buying some 'wedgies' to help with my woodturning - they allow you to recreate the same angle time and time again when cutting segments on a table saw. They take out all the measuring. I have looked to see if anyone in this country have copied them, but haven't found anyone so...
  9. Norman_Conquest

    The Man the Nazis could not kill:

    Just had this sent to me from Pinterest. I love reading about our local hero.
  10. Norman_Conquest

    One day Cricket

    Anyone watching the cricket? England bowlers dragging them out of a hole, this is some turn around.
  11. Norman_Conquest

    Warnock lost on his bike with Bettinelli & his agent waiting

    I've just read in the Gazette that Warnock got lost on his bike visiting a fishing pond and ended up cycling 35 miles. You cannot help but like the guy. :LOL: From the Gazette article - "Somebody told me about a nice pond somewhere, I'm not going to tell you where. I looked on my map and...
  12. Norman_Conquest

    The number of Teesside Schools impacted by Covid and rising

    The Ings Primary School have announced that a member of staff have tested positive for Covid. This brings the total of schools up to 16 that have been impacted by Covid-19 in some way by either a member of staff or a pupil testing positive and the schools have been open less than two weeks. I...
  13. Norman_Conquest

    Rishi Sunak - KickStart Programme

    This is aimed at getting young people back into work - What a great idea. Wait a minute, I worked on the Connexions KickStart Programme sixteen years back that removed the barriers stopping young people getting back into work and have a guess who pulled the plug on it. You've got it, the Tories.
  14. Norman_Conquest

    14 day lockdown begins

    We arrived home from France last night at 7 pm to start our 14 day lockdown from today. We had to complete an online form on Friday evening, which stated we would not be allowed to travel on the Euro if we didn't give full contact details and the address we would be staying at. At 11.30 this...
  15. Norman_Conquest

    Should these guys face court proc

    I’ve just read this article on the BBC about three executives who will lose huge bonuses for blowing up two ancient caves in Australia that date back 46,000 years. Surely they should have lost their jobs and put on trial.
  16. Norman_Conquest

    Temporary Rule changes - Subs

    I noticed Bordeaux and Nantes both made four substitutions in last nights game, is this rule here to stay or will UEFA revert back after the pandemic? I’m not a lover of it myself and think it should have been left alone.
  17. Norman_Conquest

    Drinks breaks

    Do you think these are good for football and do you think they will remain? Personally, I am against them and feel it is a matter of time before the TV men slot an advert in. The USA wanted to split the game into quarters for the World Cup in 1994 and everyone was against them then, but now we...
  18. Norman_Conquest

    FAO Wyke Red

    How did you get your user name?
  19. Norman_Conquest

    First FA Cup Final since 1968

    This will be the first FA Cup Final I have missed since 1968 when I was nearly 7 years old. The cup final was always a massive event on the calendar in our household and we would all gather round to watch it. My mum would make sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes and my brother and I would spend...
  20. Norman_Conquest

    Runswick Bay named best beach

    Runswick Bay named best beach in Britain. You won’t get near that again for tourists. We should keep all these places a secret. 😜