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  1. h_m_boro

    Marcus Rashford on twitter

    This is a step in the same direction as food banks. The Tories stand back and marvel how "everyone is pulling together" and they have absolutely no care that they have created this Dickensian situation. Nor do they have any idea that, in an instant, they could stop this (in the short term). On...
  2. h_m_boro

    Angela Rayner

    That Matt Vickers post has come straight from Cummings / central Tory HQ, makes it worse. Divert the attention away from the matter in hand, works every time. Look ! A dinghy! :(
  3. h_m_boro

    Favourite Clash song?!

    Complete Control, Janie Jones, Tommy Gun, Clampdown......there's a few(y)
  4. h_m_boro

    Angela Rayner

    I had dealings with Angela a few years back, used to be our UNISON rep prior to becoming an MP..........feisty, to say the least. :) Very open and honest and speaks her mind which, for an MP, may be a problem. Although correct, there is a time and a place for that level of name calling(y)
  5. h_m_boro

    Most impressed with....

    No mention of Fry? Thought he was immense last night(y)
  6. h_m_boro

    Tier 3 imminent in Greater Manc.

    Coming out now deal broke down as the Government wouldn't budge over an extra £5m............yet how many billions have been syphoned off to their mates under the guises of PPE contract, track and trace etc etc etc.........? :(:(
  7. h_m_boro

    Cambridge Analytica & associates

    The big carpet and brush will be getting readied as I type.....expect the RWM to start their defence campaign. BBC will ignore it altogether, Corbyns' name will be dragged up, few dinghy pictures and some patriotic chest beating at Johnny Foreigner and the EU behaving...
  8. h_m_boro

    Early Doors

    Personal issues and they couldn't (for a long while) get everyone together as a lot of the cast were busy on a lot of other projects. Shame, but will have to be remembered as a short lived cult classic. 👍
  9. h_m_boro

    Well There We Have It, The Easy 'Oven Ready Deal' that Never Was...

    You could see that coming from day one. No deal will benefit the rich, so play along for a few months then *bang* turn it all around and blame the EU for being unreasonable, can't get deal sorted and deadline slips. Tory backers / cronies / MPs get very rich. Gullible gammons lap it up, hail...
  10. h_m_boro

    £12 billion and counting

    Serco.......Rupert Soames......Nicholas Soames......Winston Churchill........there's a hidden link in there, somewhere........🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. h_m_boro

    Linked with Wolves right back

    Can see loads of players, currently without clubs, getting very, very twitchy as their expected (!) £20-30k week Champo deal has not materialised. Wage demands towards the end of the window lowered substantially. And a lot of clubs performing "creative accounting" to try to get players in. PL...
  12. h_m_boro

    Next PM is a 2 horse race, but who will win ?

    Would not be surprised to see Hunt back in the race. Dropped out of the cabinet after losing the last leadership battle, probably/possibly seeing the impending sh.*t show about to unfold with Brexit, didn't want anything to do with it. Just kept himself nicely in the background, popping up here...
  13. h_m_boro

    Think we’ve got problems? Look at Man United

    Oh dear How sad Never mind
  14. h_m_boro

    Howson, Morsy, Mcnair across the midfield?

    Think McNair will be CB this afty; moving forward that's probably the MF 3.
  15. h_m_boro

    Angela rayner

    Used to be my UNISON Rep a few years ago. Feisty, not afraid to speak her mind and carry out a little bit of tubthumping when necessary. Pleased to see her doing well for herself as an MP / Deputy PM. She's a 100% genuine person, so surprised she's got as far as she has in politics........
  16. h_m_boro

    USA Trade Deal Under Threat

    Would it be beyond the realms of impossibility that the US are watching Johnson make a complete **** of the Brexit situation, and see their chance to give themselves even more bargaining power by creating mock indignation at breaking international law, threatening to pull the plug on any future...
  17. h_m_boro

    One game down could have been worse

    Not expecting anything massive this season - top half mid table. We showed enough last night to look like that will be achievable....3-4 quality players and who knows🤷🏻‍♂️ Playing 10 men + Saville is never going to be easy...hope Morsy comes straight in and takes his place. We need 2 CBs...
  18. h_m_boro

    Grenfell Inquiry - Tories vote against implementing findings

    Tories promised in Oct 2019 to implement ALL recommendations from the Report.........:unsure::unsure: Hmmmm......
  19. h_m_boro

    Agents need to accept new financial reality, says Neil Warnock....Yorks Post

    Wait until the last week of the transfer window when reality kicks in for these players/ sale-tastic(y). Can see things going a bit mental.......or rather more mental than usual.
  20. h_m_boro

    Transfers put into perspective

    Hope with Goode, Boro had a valuation, they were sticking to it and were not going to be drawn into a bidding war. Too early to panic, most Championship clubs are in a similar financial situation to us. Be more bothered if most clubs had signed 3-4-5 decent players......but that hasn't...