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  1. Pog

    Hancock wants Teesside in Tier 3

    Hopefully our local leaders show similar leadership to what Andy Burnham has demonstrated.
  2. Pog

    Support for Scottish Independence hits 58%

    Ironic that the Conservative and Unionist Party are the ones who’ll go down in history as overseeing Scotland’s exit from the United Kingdom.
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    Premier League PPV matches to screen from next week

    Full story in link below👇 PL PPV
  4. Pog

    Not going well for Lampard

    I see “Fat Frank” is trending. They’ve bought some excellent players but god knows how they’ll fit them in the team, especially when they’re relying on the bloke who failed at Derby to make it happen.
  5. Pog

    Man City 2-5 Leicester

    Wow. Man City an absolute shambles.
  6. Pog

    Watford v Boro - The Line-Ups

  7. Pog

    Pelosi delivers UK another trade deal warning

    Project Reality
  8. Pog

    Middlesbrough added to COVID-19 watchlist

    Local lockdown imminent if things don’t improve
  9. Pog

    Muzzy Carayol on playing for Aitor Karanka

    Thoughts? Muzzy on Aitor
  10. Pog


    Even by Johnson’s standards this is f*****g horrific.
  11. Pog

    Ben Houchen’s Donor List

    Now I don’t mind Ben, he seems like he knows how to effectively market himself on social media and appears to get quite a bit done for the area. But his donor list makes interesting reading. Former MP James Wharton (through a shadow company called GBMW) has thrown £10,000 his way. His biggest...
  12. Pog

    Should the government encourage a return to the office?

    Looking at this YouGov poll this morning and surprise, surprise, the boomers strike again. Almost every poll I read I disagree with their position. The people least impacted by this are the ones who have the strongest opinions about sending people back to the office. Should people be sent back...
  13. Pog

    Anthony Vickers - Images of Middlesbrough to blame for lack of recruitment?

    The latest defence of Gibson, Bausor, Gill, etc. Blame the area:rolleyes: Middlesbrough’s Industrial Hell Hole
  14. Pog

    UK Debt tops £2 trillion debt for first time on record

    I wonder if those who blamed the collapse of the global economy and US sub prime mortgages on the UK Labour Party will be this morning be holding the Conservative Party accountable for these figures? I suspect not.
  15. Pog

    Would you consider moving to an Independent Scotland?

    The polling is now consistent in favour of independence. It’s looking more and more inevitable that Scotland is going on a different political path to the rest of the UK (England specifically). Every county in Scotland voted to remain, they overwhelmingly vote SNP yet are stuck under Tory rule...
  16. Pog


    ‪I honestly think it’s a disgrace City have finished 18 points behind in the league and haven’t even got to a UCL semi-final in Pep’s time there, considering he’s had the finances of a small nation.‬ ‪Any other manager would be out the door.‬ Bald Fraud. ‬
  17. Pog

    Friend completes move to Birmingham

    Good luck to him, good move for us and him.
  18. Pog

    Worst Excess Death and Economic stats in Europe

    Tory sympathizers and collaborators can indeed congratulate themselves on their English exceptionalism. They've managed to achieve the worst of all worlds, with the worst excess death stats combined with the worst economic stats in Europe. Still, those sunlit uplands of Brexit are right...
  19. Pog

    Warnock on Boro’s recruitment team

    I do question what these full time recruitment people have been doing for years, but we’re already seeing where they’ve been going wrong...