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    Remember when people in here said they would run out of steam once it got cold lol
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    WiFi techy help needed please

    Plug either an Ethernet switch into it for more connection points or an access point (which often has Ethernet ports on it too)
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    Do our mobile phones listen to us?

    Experiments were done with phones left in a room and played audio at them discussing brands and products and monitored their activity vs some phones in silence. No changes to behaviour or data usage was observed. more likely coincidence, or derived by your other behaviour online. Search...
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    Quick pulse check on flying and abroad holidays

    I wouldn’t go on holiday purely for the sheer number of people you will come in contact with either in the airplane, airport, transport, hotel, other guests, food prep etc and it just seems a needless risk to be crossing boarders and potentially taking / bringing back a condition that may not...
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    The Ignore button - I really like this now

    Oh is that who he is 😂
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    Corbyn has spoken There is no virus its all a hoax

    posts like these are why they say you shouldn’t post on social media after a few drinks
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    Travelling from Tier 2 to Tier 1

    Travel is advised against unless essential but not illegal. How old are the kids? Guessing not young ones going between parents? In which case unless you’re meeting in your garden, probably not
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    Phrases / Sayings only Teessiders Know

    Most these certainly aren’t from Teesside
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    Wall Cavity insulation

    Yeah I had it done in my old terraced house. Probably wouldn’t get it done again, heard there are a lot of compo claims ongoing about it. Tends to get done by companies set up to do it and once the scheme ends they disappear, if the guarantee isn’t insurance backed then it’s worthless I’d post...
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    Recommend me a winter coat

    Me and the mrs have fjallraven parkers, they’re great but not cheap. Had going on 3 years now and no issues, but we only bought when heavily discounted and with additional cashback
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    Furlough payments

    businesses forced to close by law I believe
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    Furlough payments

    The other option of course is we don't support people through the crisis and expect everyone to pay their mortgages and run their businesses on benefits which won't happen. Those jobs would exist if we hadnt told people they couldnt go to nightclubs or not to go into shops and restaurants, but...
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    Struggling to get on the site.

    yet here you are
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    Chelsea left-back Baba Rahman - rumour resurfaces Hartlepool Mail

    Cant be that much of a nightmare for the lad as he has obviously signed a new deal at some point if he’s been there since 15/16 and has 2 years left to run
  15. TheFair86

    Coronavirus is now an opportunity The Prime Minister has explosively described the deadly coronavirus pandemic as a "massive opportunity" that his party can take advantage of. Boris Johnson has said that the Conservatives would use the fall...
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    Gazzette Comments

    It’s also nothing to do with the gazette, all reach plc (mirror etc) use the same system.
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    Gazzette Comments

    Not surprised really given that most articles on the website were infested by multiple usernames that just reregistered every time they got banned, going on about immigration and foreigners all the time. Facebook comments on the same articles were always far more balanced because generally not...
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    Private Healthcare UK

    Check with your employer as some provide this or discount it
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    Cineworld closing all its us, uk and Ireland cinemas

    Doesn’t showcase only have 15-20 cinemas? They might feel it a lot less
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    Ollie Watkins to Villa. £28m

    well Brentford did If you look at their last 6 years of granger dealings they’ve been immense