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  1. TheFair86

    Coronavirus is now an opportunity The Prime Minister has explosively described the deadly coronavirus pandemic as a "massive opportunity" that his party can take advantage of. Boris Johnson has said that the Conservatives would use the fall...
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    Cineworld closing all its us, uk and Ireland cinemas

    Not entirely unexpected with bond delayed, Covid resurfacing and steaming platforms releasing movies. Big hitters like dune expected to be delayed too
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    Parents job to feed their kids Sorry if already posted, had a quick scan. Outrageous comment no matter what his affiliation is, but no surprise he's conservative.
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    Time to see how much the government really values nurses

    The nurses union has emailed today to say they are asking for a one year pay deal covering 12.5% pay rise for all nursing bands. Time to see what all those claps were worth. Might get 1.25%, over 3 years 🤡
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    Debenhams look likely to go under with 14000 jobs at risk

    Clearly no saving this business - struggling before, definitely struggling now. Dont really understand their USP - stuff is cheaper online, it’s not high end stuff and stores seem old fashioned, but still it’s another big brand gone and a huge glut of jobs.
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    Argos memories Knock yourself out
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    Bistrot Pierre closing in boro

    According to gazette. Shame as was decent when we've been, but I think misjudged the market in boro.
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    Old forum

    Might want to take a look @Robert Nichols @borolad259 @fmttmadmin Seems like it’s just troll accounts over there now, but Jamaal is clearly rifle stooping to new lows.
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    Easyjet ending base in Newcastle

    Wil still do routes from there but no perm staff or facilities Travel industry is utterly shafted atm; going to be interesting to see how much teesside airport is gong to cost the councils over the downturn as can’t see there being demand for low cost carriers kicking their doors in to set up...
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    Almeria fruit farming slavery Interesting view on fruit and veg picking from europe. Suddenly flying people over to do minimum wage doesn't sound so bad.
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    Johnson tests positive

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    How are you keeping social outside of work?

    Only so much netflix/box set binging I can take. Me and the boys are playing PubG mobile for an hour each night. Also having online beers every friday for 2-2.5 hours with video chat on Zoom or Discord, and making use of the netflix party plugin to watch some comedy. That, and about 500 group...
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    Easy bread recipe

    I love making sourdough and sourdough-like bread, but its generally quite a faff for most people with proving baskets, cast iron pans and starters. There is however a really easy bread recipe which makes a decent tasting loaf and doesnt need anything mega complex. most stores I have been into...
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    Matt Vickers

    Read a story on the gazette about him self isolating and it turned out to be man flu ( and a certain part of the story caught my eye; since being elected as MP he has remained an SBC councillor as well...
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    Stockton Hilton hotel posts a profit 34000 room bookings, 48000 guests, 75% occupancy, 4.5 rating on tripadvisor £137,000 profit in apr-Dec period, with a Pre- opening loss of £329,000 recorded in its opening accounts naturally all the social...
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    Randolph’s ex

    No idea about truth behind it but saw this on fb 👀
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    Braithwaite could be on the move

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    Tom’s Talk In just read about this for the first time. I contemplated making a thread the other day as when I was growing up I always used to fall asleep to this show and other local ones like it. Don’t think there’s...
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    Good old boris