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  1. Shaboro1986

    Bloke shouting abuse then reversed into car

    Just come down Ayresome Street. Some bloke in black BMW, parked on corner of Ayresome Street and crescent Road. Just pulls out, I slam brakes on, he ignores me and carries on pulling out, not even looking for traffic. I'm trying to warn him there's a car coming up Ayresome Road behind him. He...
  2. Shaboro1986

    This may sound like a daft question if u can help

    Do you know when you go into a cafe, and you get bread or toast. And they give you the little sachets of butter. Any idea what make it is. I like lurpak, but these small ones are so creamy. I've tried different ones from supermarkets but not taste like them. Any ideas?
  3. Shaboro1986

    Does anyone know why the Crystal Palace team bus is parked in boro

    It's parked outside the Premier Inn near the town hall
  4. Shaboro1986

    Simon Reeve is a good TV presenter

    On bbc4 now. He's doing Australia now. On another note he did North Korea not long back
  5. Shaboro1986

    Would anyone else like to go to North Korea

    I don't know why, but I'm proper intrigued with the place. And I don't know if you've seen any info on guided tours, but have u seen how fit the female tour guides are.
  6. Shaboro1986

    Where has the word "Bantz" popped up from

    Suddenly it's everywhere. I was talking to a grown bloke in the shop yesterday about the boro, and he said it. I asked him why he said it. It's what everyone is saying now.
  7. Shaboro1986

    What's all this, member, active member, well known member sh1te

    Have I missed an old thread explaining this
  8. Shaboro1986

    Obviously no one told the 100 blokes about 2 metre rule

    Drove past Thornaby cemetery last night, and there was easily 100 blokes at a funeral. This is why this virus won't go away, because of idiots like this
  9. Shaboro1986

    Absolute dog turd that was MFC

    I was 538 in queue. Waited 14 minutes. Got on site then wouldn't let me choose a seat
  10. Shaboro1986

    How F***ing frustrating it must be

    That's the reason I don't watch this police, camera, action or Traffic Cops under attack. The attitude of the 5hits, it must be hard not to just want to shoot them. They in Bradford now, stopped an audi doing 100mph through the town. Now all the dregs have surrounded the police car even blocking...
  11. Shaboro1986

    Has anyone bought a adult scooter lately

    My young one has one and likes to take hers when we go on walks. Any idea where I can get a "ahem" sturdy one from
  12. Shaboro1986

    Can someone help me out

    I'm trying to buy a motion sensor car alarm for my car. We've had ***** running over cars. I know it won't stop it but it'll give us a chance to get them. Looking for one were it goes off if someone kicks or hits the car. Can't find anything on halfords or argos site.
  13. Shaboro1986

    Scum trying car doors and nicked my trims

    Parked my van on Mitchell avenue last night, 3 scum caught on camera trying car doors and nicked the wheel trims off my van. I know they are only wheel trims. But what utter *****. They might have done worse to someone else's vehicle. Late teens early 20's, wearing shorts and t shirts. The...
  14. Shaboro1986

    Everytime I try to post a pic, it says it's to big

    Was just gonna show some more old boro tops
  15. Shaboro1986

    People blaming 5G for this virus.

    I'm not up with technology. Or theories. Can this be a real thing causing these deaths.
  16. Shaboro1986

    Have u seen the queue outside ASDA . On portrack Lane

    Absolutely stupid. Cos we're classed as key workers. We have to still go to work. Thought I'd nip in for a pint of milk for work. Just turned around and drove back out. The line stretches from the doors to the main road.
  17. Shaboro1986

    Taxi drivers and bag heads. Hand in hand. Scum

    Just been to put petrol in car. Went to Sainsburys in town. Taxi pulls up beside me as I'm getting out of the car. They have bags of powder passing from driver to passenger in front. Not even hiding it. As I'm filling up, so is the taxi driver. I just shake my head at him. The front passenger...
  18. Shaboro1986

    Some utter shitehawk, smashed the side of my car in

    Whilst it was parked over screw fix. And drove off. I came out, had a look. Fuming. Went back in shop and asked to look at cameras. Apparently there are no cameras there. Proper gutted.
  19. Shaboro1986

    Can anyone on here get into safes. Lost keys

    It's not a massive safe, but would like to save the lock. If not, then to fit a new lock to it
  20. Shaboro1986

    Fashanu to be put in hall of fame. Disgraceful

    The bloke who retired, as he was going to be done for the elbow incident. Have people forgotten this. The dirty cheating 5hitehawk.