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  1. RandySavage

    Imperial College Survey

    Just done the covid-19 test as sort of the imperial college and ipos mori survey. The test is rather unpleasant isn't it? Gag reflex is terrible. 🥴 Some interesting questions in the online survey but the best one was asking if they could keep all my answers for 20 years. Test is currently...
  2. RandySavage

    Street Art Randomly browsing twitter and came across this user. Some incredible artwork on display here. Wonder if there would be any scope to do something similar in Middlesbrough town centre and the surroundings?
  3. RandySavage

    SAGE Failings I follow Dr Mike Yeadon on Twitter and have done for a while now. He posted last night he was releasing an article on what the untouchable SAGE committee had got wrong and here it is. This isn't tin foil hat stuff, the man knows what he's...
  4. RandySavage

    Marske Utd Vs Blyth Spartans

    After the game was called off last night because of a waterlogged it was moved to tonight. FA Cup 3rd qualifying round. Bonus as I'll be off there in a bit. 400 home fans as away fans not allowed to travel due to Spartans' elite club status. 🥴 Marske's current run in the FA Cup has spanned 4...
  5. RandySavage

    Parallel Universe (Dead link) Have these scientists ever seen 'The Mist'? Do not want.
  6. RandySavage

    Hospitality Fights Back

  7. RandySavage

    Private Healthcare UK

    Myself and the missus have just had a conversation about private healthcare and we are strongly considering signing up to a private healthcare provider. Does anybody on here have any experience of it in this country? We'd be looking to cover myself, my wife and my two kids, ideally with dental...
  8. RandySavage

    Honda Pull Out of F1 Looks like Horner is either going to have to suck up to Cyril or throw some money at Cosworth for a Red Bull branded engine. Apparently Porsche have built AND successfully tested an engine for...
  9. RandySavage

    Investing In Shares

    Good afternoon, I've recently come about a bit of extra money, not a massive amount but have no need to really buy anything material I am interested in buying some shares and hoping they will make me so e money over the years. I know the downfalls too mind but don't know how one would go about...
  10. RandySavage

    ID Checks in Australia

    Best have some i.d on you.
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    :alien: Who believes?
  12. RandySavage

    The first shot at China

    Pompeo has literally all but declared war on the Chinese Communist Party. Calling on all 'free nations' around the world to stand together and overthrow the CCP. Just listened to Pompeo's speech live on YouTube and he's taking questions now. Some points from the speech. Chinese not to be...
  13. RandySavage

    Armenia Vs Azerbaijan

    A conflict that is quietly bubbling away out of sight out of mind. Protests and now reports from sources on twitter that women and children are...
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    That's a depressing number which is only going to rise and rise and rise. And these numbers haven't even begun to accelerate yet.
  15. RandySavage

    Meanwhile in Italy

    From my twitter feed. That's the article. Google wouldn't give me an option to translate of someone knows how to get...
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    @Alvez_48 Gyms allowed back open from 25th July. Swimming pools too. Grassroots sports beginning again too starting with cricket. No masks required in gyms though. Which seems odd.
  17. RandySavage

    The Mandela Effect Anybody heard of this before? Was looked at a few years ago when a groups of people around the world distinctly recall Mandela dying in prison in the 80's. Loads of examples have popped up since. Theories...
  18. RandySavage

    Simon Dolan Court Hearing

    Today is the first day in court for Simon Dolan's request of a judicial review into the lockdown measures. Taken from the latest update, Our battle against the Government’s lockdown will go before a High Court judge on July 2. The date – which will mark the 101st day since the UK was placed...
  19. RandySavage

    Russia and The Taliban A story first reported in the New York Times on Friday about Russia paying Taliban soldiers to kill British and American soldiers. Sky has been told that the group responsible for the plan...