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  1. Borobuddah

    Anyone got a clip of the goal?

    I looked away......
  2. Borobuddah

    Get in Saville

  3. Borobuddah

    Team anyone?

  4. Borobuddah

    Liverpool and Man Utd in secret

    Talks to join a European Premier league. According to SKY news
  5. Borobuddah

    What’s happening with Roberts?

    It was only paperwork to be done last week?
  6. Borobuddah

    ONS reporting deaths week ending 25th Sept

    According to SKY news 215 deaths reported ‘mentioning coronavirus’ What does that mean? The criteria for reporting Covid seems to change weekly
  7. Borobuddah

    Will Enable win the Arc?

    Or will Stradivarius snatch it?
  8. Borobuddah

    Who cuts Johnson’s hair?

    It couldn’t be worse, must be deliberate, wonder what he asks for?
  9. Borobuddah

    Assange court proceedings

    We don’t seem to be hearing anything, were they adjourned?
  10. Borobuddah

    Anyone know if there will be a link ?

    For the game?
  11. Borobuddah

    The Witches of Eastwick

    Taped last night and watched it just now. Enjoyed it, haven’t seen it for many years
  12. Borobuddah

    Anyone seen ‘Hamilton’?

    Watched it last night, good for a musical
  13. Borobuddah

    Warnock strangely quiet?

    He was all over the media after he became boss, now we are back preparing for the imminent season I hear little or nothing
  14. Borobuddah

    What happened to Putin’s vaccine?

    All gone quiet
  15. Borobuddah

    Brentford fight back

    2-1 on agg
  16. Borobuddah

    Have the gazette got it wrong?

    Because if they are right they will surely be in trouble with the club for leaking it? If they are wrong the readers will be highly disgruntled
  17. Borobuddah

    Woodgate, can anyone confirm

    Is he still at the club and if so in what capacity?
  18. Borobuddah

    Surprised at the lack of joy and excitement on here

    We have just avoided a really horrible fate? imagine how you would feel if we hadn’t?
  19. Borobuddah

    FAO Lefty

    See ‘Tory voters’ thread?
  20. Borobuddah