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    anti-Semitism and the Labour left

    Now the election is well behind us......
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    HSBC allowing money laundering outrage?

    I was under the impression that this was standard practice in the city?
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    DJs & karaokes are back I see

    I thought there was a ban on them, along with live music, at indoor venues to maintain social distancing?
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    Billy Town turnstiles open

    Adult £3 concession £1 kids free V Hartlepool FC
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    Northern League openers

    Stockton v Guisborough Thornaby v Billy Town Exciting start. 5th September, 300 capacity crowds so book early.
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    Ground capacity 15%

    For clubs Steps 3 to 6 from Saturday.
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    Lower league crowds back
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    FA Cup draw today

    First fixtures of the new season are to be drawn for the FA Cup today. The season will be up and running shortly.
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    Already posted

    Sorry, missed other thread.
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    Boom time for British tourist trade?

    Neighbours struggling to find camp sites, they're full, friends in south coast tourist spots complaining about being swamped by tourists. People we know have booked to go to Bournemouth rather than fly to the continent.
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    Northern League 5th September possibly

    That's the date given by the FA for steps 5&6 to kick off their new season.
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    Birmingham v Charlton tomorrow

    If Brum win then Charlton need to avoid defeat against Wigan to finish above us. If they do that then Wigan can't finish 12 points above us. Come in Brum.
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    Archer breakthrough

    And with the foot injury 3 and 4 are in already. Victory on the cards here.
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    Black Forest

    I'm looking at going there for a week to ten days and looking for a good base for exploring by public transport. Any suggestions?
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    Guy Garvey

    Anybody else listen to his show on R6 on a Sunday afternoon? I caught it for the first time a month or so ago, I usually listen to Jonnie Walker on R2 but I was painting the fence and didn't turn over. I'll not be turning over again, the music he plays is right up my street.
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    Grant Schapps

    Does anybody still take this government seriously when they wheel out known liars to address the country? How does this bloke remain an MP after having a second job under a pseudonym whilst representing his constituency in parliament.? Corrupt nation.
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    Post Office scandal

    Will the prosecution services do the correct thing and jail those responsible for their appalling actions, or will we see the corporate world protected?
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    Grassroots football return guidelines Latest guidelines from the FA for anybody interested.
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    Shielding extension text

    Anybody else had one of these. My original date to end was 19th June, extended until 30th June, to tie us all in to the same date?