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  1. Midlands_Boro

    Conker wood??

    Where is conker wood?
  2. Midlands_Boro


    Ancelotti is doing some job with him. Heard him talking about training on getting into the right places has improved his game. On fire. Some front line Southgate has a headache with. Another hat-trick
  3. Midlands_Boro

    McGregor golf clubs

    I have a full set of irons as well as separate drivers and woods and putter for sale due to the passing of my father. They are of no use to me so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested or be able to point me in the right direction to sell them. Thanks in advance
  4. Midlands_Boro

    New away shirt??

    I'm guessing this is probably a photo shop but if it was true it would be classs
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    Is anybody on here into astronomy? I'm looking at buying a telescope because the kids are interested. I've just dug an old one out of the loft from when I was a kid but its buggered. I don't want to pay hundreds but want a decent one that actually works. Would around £100 be enough?
  6. Midlands_Boro

    Glorius morning

    Glorious morning here in Solihull. Hope we can all enjoy the weather and stay safe 👍
  7. Midlands_Boro

    Fed up?

    I'm not normally one to post something like this but does anyone else just feel fed up in general with all this? I was talking to the missus the other morning in bed and said I just feel like crying. Couldn't explain why, I think it's just helplessness. It's an emotion I've never felt before.
  8. Midlands_Boro

    BBQ on Sunday

    It's forecast to be 17⁰/19⁰ down by me on Sunday. We have 3 children, 5,7 and 11. We have an inflatable hot tub In the garden, a bbq and have the goods to do one. Would it be deemed unacceptable, I.e would neighbours turn their nose up thinking we are partying? I just think it would be a welcome...
  9. Midlands_Boro

    Agency workers

    Anybody know anything regarding agency workers? Regarding pay. Is it just statutory sick entitlement as it stands if you have been sent home from work?
  10. Midlands_Boro

    The Secret Footballer

    Have many read this? Such a big headed narcissist. Is it certainly Dave Kitson? If so, he massively overrates himself. I've got that from maybe 3 or 4 chapters of one of the books.
  11. Midlands_Boro

    My Quarantine

    My Quarantine has started. Our 3 kids sent home today so the bottle has been cracked. May you all remain in good health 👍
  12. Midlands_Boro

    Man united

    Look brilliant tonight. Might be an unpopular view but I think it's good to see. I would like to see Solskjaer succeed.
  13. Midlands_Boro

    William hill

    Sorry should have posted this before kick off but I'm sure they have made a mistake. They have Daniel James to score from outside the box at 33/1. He's playing up top and has a go quite often. I'm sure this must have meant to be reece james playing at full back. Kante is only 25/1... saying that...
  14. Midlands_Boro

    Pulis on the Debate.

    Tony pulis talking, "The Championship" on skysports right now.
  15. Midlands_Boro


    The amount of times he's been on the last man and nobody looks up and sees his run. Give him the ffffff ball.