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  1. Nero

    Birmingham "retire" the number 22

    Has anyone seen this? Following Jude Bellingham's move, Birmingham have retired his shift number! Pretty strange thing to do for a 17 year old kid who is massively promising but hasn't achieved anything yet.
  2. Nero

    Payment in lieu of notice (PILON)

    This board is full of switched on people. Is anyone expert on tax law regarding PILON? I'm being made redundant and my employer will pay PILON instead of us working the notice. I'm trying to work out how much tax I'll pay on that. I've read something called Post Employment Notice Pay (PENP)...
  3. Nero

    Chelsea Recruitment

    I was reading earlier that Chelsea are favourites to sign Kai Havertz. This following the signing of Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech! They could have a cracking team next season.
  4. Nero

    90's Premier League Strikers

    The Independent has an article highlighting the quality of English Strikers in the Premier League in the mid-90's. It's easy to forget and was certainly a top generation: Alan Shearer Ian Wright Andy Cole Les Ferdinand Teddy Sheringham Robbie Fowler Stan Collymore All genuinely top players. It...
  5. Nero

    Bayern Munich Players & 20% Salary Reduction

    I was reading about this yesterday. The players giving up 20% so ordinary employees at the club can still be paid. It's a great gesture, but does it also show where football should be heading? This whole situation should be a wake-up call for all professional sport. It's about time players...
  6. Nero

    England v Wales

    Anybody watch it? Feisty game with lots of edge. England deserved the win and the red game was debatable. I completely agree with Eddie Jones on it. England have finally got the World Cup Final out of them now.
  7. Nero

    Maradona's goal against England

    Just been watching some programme that has Maradona's second goal as the best ever. I was too young in 86 so don't remember it, but there was a clear foul just before Maradona is passed the ball. I'm not sure how the ref didn't call it as he was right on the spot too! Imagine if VAR was around...
  8. Nero

    Clubs relegated to League One

    All the talk of relegation has got me thinking. There's a few regular top flight / second tier clubs who've been relegated further in recent times: Leeds United Nottingham Forest Sheffield Wednesday Sheffield United Norwich City Southampton Coventry City Leicester City Wolves Bolton...