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  1. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Last flight of the vulcan

    More 4 now. I'm a nuclear and cold war buff so I've always been fascinated with this plane. Did anyone go to watch the last fly past?
  2. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Best car on TV

    Facemans corvette
  3. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Which boy band archetype are you?

    The edgy one with tattoos? The one who writes the songs? The fat one? The run yourself over with your own car one? The plain blokey one? The thick one? Jason Orange? I am the cute one. Or at least I was until I got older. Mark owen / Stephen gately type. Not an easy life getting older when...
  4. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Those IS bods

    Is anyone else really p****d off they keep getting referred to as the Beatles. I don't want one of my favourite bands to be associated with some lunatic murderers.
  5. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    A collection of Vic and Bob sketches

    My favourite Vic and Bob sketches An obscure one from a Steve Coogan documentary Steve Coogan has just done something
  6. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Cake Vs Pudding

    Cake no contest. Pudding I have little time for. Savoury puddings aren't counted. Nor are savoury cakes.
  7. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Yes or No

    Simple question. Yes or No?
  8. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Warnock made the sub from cornwall

    According to the beeb. Good to hear he's well enough. And that he's got a decent internet connection. Get well soon Neil. (y)
  9. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    What haven't you had since covid started?

    Sex and Kippers for me.
  10. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Why did no one tell me it was a 5:30 kick off

    FFS. What is it with these weird kick off times. No point paying a tenner now. I was looking forward to that too.:mad:
  11. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    When was your pomp?

    Mine was from 2007 to around 2013. Full head of hair, still able to pull off wearing a t-shirt and scarf, threw the bums a dime, top shop selling flares. Great music. Aitor Karanka. Happy days.
  12. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Big weekend of sport

    FA cup final Saturday British Grand Prix Sunday. Will you be watching? I haven't bothered with the F1 since it went to sky, but seeing as there's b***r all else to do I might tune in.
  13. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Financial Fair Play

    They need to get rid of this nonsense. Or at least give it a proper title. Know your place. Just another attempt to cast the existing order in place, and avoid any nouveau rich from barging in on income streams.
  14. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Shopping list

    1. Big centre back 2. Left back 3. Patrick Roberts 4. Midfielder 5. Another centre back 6. Back to goal striker 7. Pint of milk 8. Some fags.
  15. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Chupa chups lollies

    Are these pronounced chup-a-chups or is it chew pa chewps?
  16. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    What is this a picture of

  17. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Why did Charlton leave Boro for Sheff Wed?

    Seems odd to go from a top flight side to one in the third division. Clough did the same thing leading derby to the title, then dropping two divisions to join Brighton. Was this just the sort of thing that happened in the 70s. The only thing I can imagine is that managers weren't sacked so...
  18. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    What do you think the fixture computer looks like

    I think it looks like this
  19. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret

    Player of the season

    1. Howson 2. Howson 3. Howson Quality performance every game wherever he's playing. It's like watching a northern league game where there's some 40 year old ex pro playing whos head and shoulders above everyone else on the team.
  20. Sheriff_John_Bunnell_ret


    They've shown nothing going forward. Tav robbed of a goal thanks to the refs tendancy to give free kick everytime someone falls over. b***ks to this.