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  1. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    "Innocuous" lyrics that are actually disturbing

    And Save Your Kisses For Me, by Brotherhood of Man. Yuk. This one has always got me, from Satisfaction, and I've never seen it referenced anywhere, so maybe it's just me: When I'm ridin' 'round the world And I'm doin' this and I'm signin' that And I'm tryin' to make some girl, who tells me...
  2. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Stupidest thing you've ever seen someone do.

    Aged about 17, in the days before auto locking doors on trains, I opened the door while the train was coming into a station and leapt off to prove just how bloody cool I was. You know that sound effect when a cartoon character is whirling his legs around, to no avail? That. I did hear the...
  3. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Far right violence at the Cenotaph

    Does anyone remember when the job of a government was to try to make the lives of their citizens better? Rather than setting one side against another in the name of carving a space and retaining political power?
  4. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Is Braverman trying to get sacked?

    Let Rishi carry the can for the caning they'll get (hopefully), her seat is utterly safe (as far as these things go), emerge as the leader of denuded Tory party which becomes increasingly reliant on right wing tropes. Maybe Farage can stop her, because they seem to love him as well. Probably...
  5. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    The Beatles

    Better add Jeff Lynne and Giles Martin for good measure.
  6. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    The Beatles

    The Maharishi Leggy Mountbatten Arthur Sultan
  7. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    The Beatles

    "Things are left out, about what b***ds we were. You have to be a b****d to make it. That's a fact. And the Beatles were the biggest b***ds on Earth." - John Lennon.
  8. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Panthers Skater: Adam Johnson Vigil on Saturday 5.30pm at National Ice Centre

    Well, according to the BBC the police are now investigating. I can't imagine that the player who did it will ever sleep again, but I think the question has to be asked about why his skate was so raised.
  9. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Blunders by Boro managers' and Chairmen you still haven't gotten over

    The team Woodgate picked after the COVID shut down. Three months he'd had to plan, and THIS was the team he put out. Look at the bench - I tyhink they'd have beaten the starting eleven with only 9. He was sacked three days later.
  10. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Tommy Smith injury, not good news.

    When Aaron Rodgers did his in the first game of the season, he walked off under his own steam. If you look at the replay you can actually see the tendon fly up his leg when it happens. Remember Gary Penrice of QPR going down in a heap right in front of me at Ayresome. Trainer came on, wiped him...
  11. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Don't Know Why I Keep Watching The Chase !!!

    Trouble with Only Connect is you have to wade through the "banter". VCM doing her "I'm writing a novel" and "I love Michael Portillo" b***ks, the obvious over friendship to one of the teams, and worse of all THE SINGING. Horrible. I usually tape it so I can ffwd to the questions and ignore all...
  12. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Covid, have you got it?

    I'm fairly sure my daughter - a teacher - had it last week. She tested negative twice (with out of date test kit) but all the symptoms were there, and it has been going through her school -lots of kids and a few of the staff off with it. Couple of unrelated people I see walking the dog have had...
  13. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Football Focus Struggling!!!

    I know I'm an old ****, but Saturday afternoons filled with the likes of Bargain Hunt and Tipping point makes me sad. And I know it's because Grandstand and World Of Sport would struggle mightily to fill five hours these days with Sky and TNT owning everything. Football Focus used to be part of...
  14. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Of 'lucky pants' and all that

    Reminds me of a spooky-ish Groundhog Day thing that happened in the 1993-4 season - Alan Moore's start. Went to Notts Country, listening to the radio. Bryan Adam's "Summer of 69" comes on. We win. Next Saturday, the pre-match music. "Summer of 69" played. We beat Derby. Tuesday after...
  15. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Anyone own or owned a Flying V?

    Went to see Wishbone Ash at the Arc last night. Andy Powell still rocks a Flying V, though he had to change guitars halfway through one song.
  16. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Will we see Engel again? ....

    Performance last night reminded me of poor Keith O'Halloran being asked by Robbo to fill in at left back at home against Derby, who had the best right winger in the division at the time in Paul Simpson. 0-3 down at half time, Simpson created all three, and O'Halloran got the hook at half time...
  17. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Boro’s last 12 EFL games

    It's 10 / 11; the last time we led in a league game was the Luton away one - and we lost that in the end, and that was the start of the 12 game run.
  18. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    We certainly rolled the dice in the summer

    I've seen some utter crap Boro teams in my time, but I don't think I've seen one so disjointed and with so little quality and depth all over the pitch. The full backs are a disaster, Fry and Lenihan can't play when they're facing their own goal and seemed to be bickering last night. Defensive...