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  1. Redwurzel


    Looks like Ajax are going to finish bottom of their group - another defeat tonight.
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    Can the UK rejoin the EU?

    Belonging to the Single Market was/is useful for the whole of the UK and would significantly reduce the current non tariff barriers faced by exporters in the Single Market.
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    Oppenheimar was an excellent film, but the viewer needs to appreciate the historical context to understand what is happening and when.
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    Yes - I would recommend it - about human manipuation and greed, mixed with with extreme racism. The American dream - it was not unless you were the ruthless manipulator.
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    Favourite Pogues/MacGowan songs?

    Every Saturday morning before a Boro game - this how I feel.
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    Vale tickets on sale @ 3pm

    I hope a lot of low priority point Boro fans heeded the previous advice on here and bought tickets last week when Port Vale had them on general sale. I was a bit surprised how quickly they went, but after the last rounds of big sales, if was obvious we would sell out 3,100 tickets for a quarter...
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    Vale tickets on sale @ 3pm

    Sorry to say only 72 tickets left - they will be gone at 3pm. So much for the League Cup not been a big draw- looks like we could have sold a lot more than 3,100.
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    First corkhill

    Alistair Darling just passed away too.
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    Swansea (a) 16th Dec:

    I have never been into the centre of Swansea. I have visited the University with prospective students of mine, the Library staff are trained life guards, as the Library car park is next to the beach. The City was very industrial in the past, like the Boro, famous for its copper and tin plate...
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    Vale tickets on sale @ 3pm

    As posted it will sell out to Boro fans and I would say before general sale.
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    40% of the season done, where will we finish?

    Currently we are odds against to make the top 6, so based on that we are going to finish 7th or 8th. Up from my pre-season 10th. We are certainly playing better than in August, like last season, we seem to be improving as the season progresses. If it wasn't for recent injuries to key players...
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    We have more points in the bag than at the same stage last season

    The squad is not a lot worse than last season - certainly at the same point of the season. Obviously we have a lot more injuries this season. Some might like to argue with me, but I would say Greenwood is more effective then Mowatt, Dieng is better than Steffan, Hackney is clearly playing...
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    Vale tickets on sale @ 3pm

    if, we = Boro fans. I thought Huddersfield, Bolton and Exeter all sold out this season for Boro fans. At the Riverisde there has not been many sell outs - Liverpool in 1998 (great win) Stockport in 1997, Newcastle in 1996/7 - of we got over 31,600 in 2015 against Everton that was very close to...
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    Jones 1st goal, 25 passes in the build up.

    Maybe our passing game needed a few months of the season to develop?
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    Vale tickets on sale @ 3pm

    Can't think why ;)
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    Next Fans Forum - Monday Oct 20th

    AB Interesting one - Technically (terms and conditions) the Season Ticket Card is non transfereable although Rob Nichols has been told it can be transferred to family and friends. Which MFC has done in your example. The Chairman's drink could be argued is on top of the season ticket (evidence...
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    Next Fans Forum - Monday Oct 20th

    Surely if someone is actioned to do something for the next meeting , they send a deputy or a message on what they have done. Particularly applies to reps of MFC. There must be hundreds of sensible Boro fans who want to attend, and will do it for free. Getting a good cross section in fact is...
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    Vale tickets on sale @ 3pm

    For 180 point plus Boro fans - League Cup quarter final tickets go on sale @ 3pm today. Port Vale haven't sold out the home tickets yet. I am a bit surprised I thought they would have.
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    Matthew Hoppe is back..

    Bring back 1977!
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    No Greenwood Saturday?

    I agree he will be missed @ Leeds.