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  1. Left_peg

    Will Isaiah reach his potential at boro?

    Fry has had periods where he has lost form and always gets written off, it happened when he played on the left under Woodgate, happened briefly under Wilder and is happening now. He always comes back into form though. He's a top defender.
  2. Left_peg

    Hands up if you wanted Coburn to lead tonight!

    Lath playing off Coburn would likely be more effective than having Crooks in there, Crooks is a good player but doesn't really suit the system we play.
  3. Left_peg

    Players " Handing over responsibilities"

    Some of these players don’t trust each other. The amount of times there’s an easy pass on and it isn’t taken is ridiculous.
  4. Left_peg

    Carrick V Wilder records

    The other similarity is that when the results weren't going for us it wasn't through being outplayed, statistically we looked like we should have won the majority of the games but were conceding crap goals and missing good chances. That's where the difference between WIlder and Carrick will come...
  5. Left_peg

    Carrick V Wilder records

    Saying that there isn't much difference in PPG, if you use their PPG and x 46 then Carrick's total would have got us finishing 4th last season whereas Wilder's would have us finishing 8th. I agree that Wilder isn't a bad manager and he did have us playing some good stuff when he took over...
  6. Left_peg

    Which is your choice Scottish League Football Team?

    They've fallen so far since the days of Dr Deuchar banging in goals for them on their way to the SPL. They're awful now, just signed a lad from my team who sat on the bench for me the whole season and we're Step 7!
  7. Left_peg

    When all things are equal

    Ipswich and Southampton are above the others on goals scored I'd say, then it's alphabetical. Edit - just seen that Norwich are above Millwall. Hmmmmm
  8. Left_peg

    Hackney’s ‘Goal’

  9. Left_peg

    Press conference

    Is that another name for Pally fanny?
  10. Left_peg

    Bayern Munich win 27-0

    Jesus, a goal every 2 and a half minutes in the first half 🤯
  11. Left_peg

    The new shirt revealed by the club on twitter

    Collar and sleeve detail is nice but the overall look of the shirt is poor simply because of the sponsor, the logo has too much height. Take out the stupid zero% line, narrow the distance between the solid white lines and it’d be alright
  12. Left_peg

    School fashion....

    Was she the butch one?
  13. Left_peg

    School fashion....

    I was at Acklam Grange from 92-97 and Mr Shevels seemed as old as the hills then, he was probably in his 30s :ROFLMAO: Mr Clarke was an evil ****** to the kids who were crap at sport (nice to me). Now I'm a grown up, and a teacher, it's funny thinking back on people like Mr Sullivan, Mt...
  14. Left_peg

    School fashion....

    Also, it sounds like you were 2 years above my brother
  15. Left_peg

    School fashion....

    By 1995 the shoes had evolved to Kickers, Slazenger jumpers were still in and ‘thin Jims’ were still the tie of choice. Head bags with the zip off triangle side bit we’re also standard kit.
  16. Left_peg

    Last Stand: A Short Film Made With AI

    Is it only me seeing the irony of the first 4 posts about the film?
  17. Left_peg

    Karl Darlow

    You didn’t, you said that you’d “heard” that he “could” be. Big difference
  18. Left_peg

    Adama Traore

    As much as I want us to go up, this league is far more entertaining than the Prem
  19. Left_peg

    Chuffed For Carlisle United!

    Carlisle fans definitely don’t class us as rivals, probably Preston is closest to a rival
  20. Left_peg

    Anyone used Temo app ?

    What is it?