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  1. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 4 schedule

    I don’t know what’s going on with KC maybe something to do with the Taylor Swift effect — I’m sure she’ll write a song about it soon though!
  2. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 4 schedule

    Big comeback win for the Broncos — down by 21 points the Broncos at last showed some mettle. Most games went with form although the Rams and Eagles were made to sweat.
  3. Expat Smoggie

    Beale sacked by Rangers

    That would be the icing on the cake for Warnock’s long and distinguished career
  4. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 4 schedule

    Both the Rams and Eagles struggling to overcome lesser opponents
  5. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 4 schedule

    Fish getting closer to Bills (3rd quarter) — this could be a very interesting 4th quarter.
  6. Expat Smoggie

    Boca v River

    River just toyed with Boca today — I didn’t watch much admittedly but Boca have a lot of problems— Payero is probably in a better place. Nice stadium shame about the current state of the team.
  7. Expat Smoggie

    O’Brien’s injury

    I thought it was a poor tackle worthy of a card but the ref just nonchalantly waved it away like he wasn’t interested in our players safety. He gave Hackney a load of ear ache for a nothing shirt tug, but let their players commit rash tackles. I thought Watford were the dirtiest team we’ve...
  8. Expat Smoggie

    Boca v River

    Going to be a special day in Argentina with the super el Classico. Both teams however are still trying to find form with River Plate probably the stronger side. Boca are struggling on both the defensive and offensive side of the ball, so it could be a long day for Boca fans.
  9. Expat Smoggie

    Both Liverpool and both Manchester clubs lost today

    Now that they’ve got Lockyer back in the lineup I think they’ll be a little more harder ot beat, but they’ll definitely go back down.
  10. Expat Smoggie

    Matt Crooks.

    That’s why the management gave him a new contract
  11. Expat Smoggie

    Ajax line up announced

    Josh can pull up trees 🌲
  12. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 4 schedule

    Always good to get the tongues wagging eh!! Lol 😆 I think the Pats at the Cowboys is going to be a helluva game. But da Bears and Broncos, boy I’m sure several College teams would give them a good hiding! At least one of them gets a win this weekend but don’t count out a tie. AFC north looks...
  13. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 4 schedule

    Dolphins at the Bills is definitely the marquee matchup this weekend with a few other key divisional matchups which should go with form. Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears Baltimore...
  14. Expat Smoggie

    Stop and Search...

    Cultural problem maybe but everywhere I’ve travelled people love to have knives. True enough the UK has a sizable amount of crime related to it so it’s not unreasonable to put laws in place to protect the wider public— especially the vulnerable.
  15. Expat Smoggie

    * Boro Breakdown Podcast - Up for an Award. Please vote >>>>> *

    very good insight to the Boro, can't fault them with their application
  16. Expat Smoggie

    O’Brien or Bangura at Left Back?

    I had the feeling that the O’Brien signing was going to be a major coup for us but I never imagined he’d be so versatile and slot in so quickly. I know we haven’t seen too much of Bangura and what we did in his only appearance was good— lots of energy and decent on both ends of the pitch...
  17. Expat Smoggie

    Carabao Cup - Last 16 draw

    Last out of the hat— when was the last time that happened to us?
  18. Expat Smoggie

    Lewis O’Brien.

    Does anyone think that O’Brien is the reason why we’re kind of back on track? I just get the feeling that this guy is so positive it may have had a major uplift on the team and last week was just the start. Long may it continue.
  19. Expat Smoggie

    * The Unofficial "Official" Bradford v Boro Carabao Cup Match-Day Thread *

    probably worth going along just to try their asian food specials.
  20. Expat Smoggie

    NFL week 3 schedule

    How bad were the lambs (Rams) last night against the Bengals? I mean Burrow was playing basically on one leg so it was definitely desperation time for Cincinnati. Rams went 0-9 on third down conversion and although Stafford looked decent in the first couple of games he looked pretty average last...