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  1. RotherhamBoro

    Nice Brest.

    I wonder if they have good support?
  2. RotherhamBoro

    The rugby world cup begins tomorrow!

    From what they were saying last night direct head contact is a red regardless of intent. The reason the argie only got a yellow was because the first contact was on the body then moved up to head. As an extremely occasional watcher it seems daft to me that the accidental one gets a red but the...
  3. RotherhamBoro

    Sam Greenwood

    Playing tonight. Just hit the bar with a cracking free kick
  4. RotherhamBoro

    Leeds charging away fans £47

    You think that's bad, Sheffield Wednesday are charging their own fans £51 for the South Stand for their home game v Ipswich.
  5. RotherhamBoro


    White Russian for me. Can't do Long Island Ice Teas after a bad experience at uni 🤢
  6. RotherhamBoro

    Matthew Hoppe loaned out to San Jose

    Clearing the decks for an imminent signing?...
  7. RotherhamBoro

    Message from Chuba

    Not the way I saw it but fair dos. I just think he'll be off. If he wanted to sign a contract he would have done by now.
  8. RotherhamBoro

    Message from Chuba

    I'll be in the minority here but that felt a bit forced. Awkward.
  9. RotherhamBoro

    Matt Lowton on a free?

    One for the old members on here 🤣.
  10. RotherhamBoro

    Matt Lowton on a free?

    Rob Hulse
  11. RotherhamBoro

    Have you ever turned a foreigner into a Boro fan

    Yep. A lass I work with is from Reggio Calabria, and is a big Reggina fan. She lives in Hertfordshire though and her and her son love football but he was interested in Man City. Managed to get her invested in last seasons promotion run, which coincided with Regginas promotion charge in Serie B...
  12. RotherhamBoro

    North Devon

    Woolacombe is ace. Pop just over the border in Cornwall too to Bude which has a sea pool by the beach. cliff walks too. Tintagel is great too as suggested. We went to Big Sheep too which the kids loved but I think it will be too young for your kids.
  13. RotherhamBoro

    Glastonbury 2023

    Meanwhile..Kelis has been absolutely superb
  14. RotherhamBoro

    Leo sacked rumour is false

    That transfer thread is awful. Full of liars and attention seekers, ultimately descending into page after page of petty squabbling. They don't even get any inside knowledge any more as they've driven off anyone who actually had some. Don't believe a word said on there.
  15. RotherhamBoro

    Things that annoy you in football

    And how some of these players are so one footed!
  16. RotherhamBoro

    Any Non-fiction book recommendations?

    Amy book by Anthony Beevor for WW2. Stalingrad in particular is good.
  17. RotherhamBoro

    Dean Windass

    I'm not convinced he's a championship player at all. Also, I know the headline writers love Barry Bannan but I think he'll be bang average this time around. His best days are behind him and the quality of the Championship has increased since he last played in it. Wednesday have an aging squad...
  18. RotherhamBoro

    Awful performance from the seagull lovers

    It was men against boys last night really. You could tell Sunderland were lacking experienced physical players. They were always up against it. Fair play to them for this season. Expect them to break the points record next season with Stewart fit all season 😉
  19. RotherhamBoro

    Sheffield Wednesday

    Chuck in Southampton and we'll be racking up the miles next season.
  20. RotherhamBoro

    Best beach in Uk

    Bude, Cornwall. And Woolacombe, Devon. Shout out for Bamburgh, and also Girvan in Ayrshire too