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    Team for Tomorrow

    Isn’t Forss injured-I’d put Jones in his place
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    Hayden Hackney in England u21s

    Wrong-Dundeejock is a mate of mine but we are not the same person-he got kicked off here for commenting on AET’s sad suicidal efforts
  3. J

    Hayden Hackney in England u21s

    Get yours to southwest stand and you will hear us But I forgot that you,like most of the saddos on here don’t actually go to the games
  4. J

    Hayden Hackney in England u21s

    I sit near him and will be joining in his booing as he is correct-Hackney is an overrated turncoat
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    Dan wootton

    Before he was kicked off(Admin got 1 correct eventually) and joined RedRoar
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    Crawford v Spence Jr is finally here!

    is it on the telly?
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    How old is your username and how many have you had?

    Not on here much mate as board has gone massively downhill in past couple of years-new admin don’t help plus as I’ve retired don’t have to waste work time
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    How old is your username and how many have you had?

    Remember you well OBF-when I was DundeeJock I spent a lot of my night shifts talking mainly rubbish with you, Jax1 and a few others
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    Which 3 players on each side have a

    Gary Gilmore
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    FMTTM history?

    These lists show what a good board this used to be,when posters generally talked about football and didn’t fall out over trivia issues. And when every post wasn’t taken over by the same morons who turned them into political/racist/trans arguments and made fools of yourself-you know who you are
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    Top 5 worst gigs

    Worst main act was Bowie at Cardiff on glass spider tour(support acts were good) worst recent gig was plastic mermaids at westgarth (turned down Skids on same night) Cant think of any other poor gigs featuring main bands
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    Golf Hole in ones

    Got a hole in on on a par3 course in Cardiff years ago-took about 7 on every other hole so probably a lucky shot
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    Come on Scotland!!

    Another good Jock win-12 points out of 12👍👍👍👍
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    Board is getting a bit narky at the minute

    Every reasonable thread turns into a slanging match with certain posters(including some Admin) slagging off anything they don’t agree with. Won’t give names but we all know the main culprits
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    Come on Scotland!!

    I know a lot of Jocks and generally they don’t hate England but they don’t support the England football team-the general reason is due to the English press always bigging up the team ,thinking they are the greatest team and should win everything-also the British press ignoring Wales,Ireland and...
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    9 year old boy killed after months of abuse

    May be so but turning the sad situation into a political post shows how much you really care about the poor young boy
  17. J

    9 year old boy killed after months of abuse

    How on earth can you use this terrible sad event to have a go at the tories? I am totally anti-conservative but wouldn’t lower myself to connect it to such a sad occasion You will be blaming it on racists next
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    The worst lyrics you’ve ever heard.

    Bruno mars catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah) Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah) I'd jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah) You know I'd do anything for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah) Oh oh, I would go through all this pain Take a bullet straight through my brain...
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    Which band / bands have you seen the most?

    SLF-about 20 times TMTCH-about 12 times Big Country-6 times The Clash -5 times Loads 2 or 3 times
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    Arctic monkeys

    Got it sold👍👍👍👍