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  1. Itsscirea

    FMTTM NFL Fantasy Football

    I think I’ve took up the final spot
  2. Itsscirea

    Favourite Kylie song

    1. Put yourself in my place 2. What do I have to do 3. All the Lovers
  3. Itsscirea

    Open Golf Competition - Fun Betting Game. 🏌🏿‍♂️

    1. Koepka 4 win = 4 2. Fowler 2 ew = 4 3. Lowry 4 win = 4 4. Finau 4 ew = 8 5. Scott 1 ew = 2 6. Fox 2 ew = 4 7. Herbert 1 ew = 2 8. English 2 ew = 4 Bonus 275
  4. Itsscirea

    Your top 3 albums

    One Step Beyond - Madness The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses Now that’s what I call music 3 - Various Artists
  5. Itsscirea

    Tour de France 2023

    Awww man, not Cav, not like this! Damn, gutted
  6. Itsscirea

    Golf Hole in ones

    My dad played for 40+ years without achieving one. The week after my mum died he got one. A month later, he got another on the same hole! I’ve never believed in all this ‘someone looking down on you’…but it makes you wonder!
  7. Itsscirea

    Blackburn release Bradley Dack and Diaz

    Diaz has signed for Real Betis Brereton has signed for Real Hispalis
  8. Itsscirea

    Whoop whoop Eurovision tonight

    Dadi Freyr doing ‘Whole again’!! Fantastic!!!
  9. Itsscirea


    Fantastic TV all week. Been listening to the songs for months, dipped into a couple of the national finals and watched 3hrs of the Turquoise carpet on YouTube the other day, you could say I’m looking forward to it 😁 Norway is my favourite, but pretty sure it’ll come down to Sweden v Finland...
  10. Itsscirea

    Top 3 Deacon Blue

    Dignity Your Town Raintown
  11. Itsscirea

    Things kids don't do at school anymore..

    Hand under armpit Flap arm like a birdie Result: Impressive fart noise
  12. Itsscirea

    The US Masters 2023.

    Scheffler for me. Difficult to go back to back but is contending every week and appears to have the laidback mentality to put up with the hullabaloo (I’ve never used that word in my life) of the week. I reckon Hatton is a decent each way bet, probably coming from way back after one awful round...
  13. Itsscirea

    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    1:30 Ascending 2:10 Pinkerton 2:50 Seabank Bistro 3:30 Bravemansgame 4:10 Le Malin 4:50 Elimay 5:30 West to the Bridge (NAP)
  14. Itsscirea

    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    1:30 Stage Star 2:10 Moka De Vassy 2:50 Blue Lord 3:30 Blazing Khal 4:10 Shakem Uparry (NAP) 4:50 Jetara 5:30 Punitive Edited for non runners
  15. Itsscirea

    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    1:30 Good Land 2:10 Thyme Hill 2:50 Beacon Edge 3:30 Nube Negra 4:10 Gin on Lime 4:50 Before Midnight (NAP) 5:30 Westport Cove
  16. Itsscirea

    Cheltenham Festival - FMTTM Competition

    1:30 Dark Raven 2:10 Dysart Dynamo 2:50 The Big Breakaway 3:30 State Man 4:10 Love Envoi 4:50 Mighty Mo Missouri (nap) 5:30 Tenzing Good luck all and thanks to Subbuteo for organising 👍
  17. Itsscirea

    Cheltenham Festival Competition

    Most definitely 👍
  18. Itsscirea

    Quarter Final Score Predictions

    Croatia 1-2 Brazil Netherlands 1-2 Argentina Morocco 0-1 Portugal England 1-2 France